Welcome to the Putting Penguin!  We are the largest miniature golf course review site in the world!  This website is designed to showcase reviews of miniature golf courses around the country and the world, specializing in the eastern United States.  Our core team provides the offical reviews and visitors like you provide us with reviews for courses we haven't been to and other opinions on those we have played.  Due to the quantity and changing status of courses, we do not provide a listing of courses in those states other than the ones we've played.
Last updated on: April 19, 2019
Below you will find the maps of states and listing of countries.  Just click to bring you to the page.
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News (4/19/19): Two visitor reviews from MA were posted today, representing two new courses to the site. We've still got a backlog of visitor reviews (thank you to everyone for submitting) and our own reviews to post so it will be a busy few weeks for us.

If you haven't seen minigolf is coming to ABC this summer starting June 20th. Can't wait to check out what this show has in store for some fun summer watching.

Also, you can save the date for the 3rd Matterhorn International Pro-Am, which will be held on September 21, 2019 (Miniature Golf Day)! If you are interested in the statistics from the 2018 event, you can find them here.

Continue to check Flickr, Twitter. YouTube, Instagram, Zazzle and Facebook for more minigolf stuff being posted by us!

As always you can check out our new complete listing of all the courses officially reviewed, ranked by atmosphere rating.  Click on the course map button to the left (or click here) for a Google Map of all the courses reviewed on this site.
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Australia 1 Courses
2 Visitor Reviews
Cruise Ships 4 Courses
1 Penguin & 3 Visitor Reviews
England 8 Courses
5 Penguin & 3 Visitor Reviews
France   1 Course
1 Visitor Review
Germany    1 Course
1 Visitor Review
Netherlands 1 Course
1 Visitor Review
New Zealand 1 Course
1 Visitor Review
Portugal1 Course
1 Visitor Review
Novelty16 Courses
12 Penguin & 12 Visitor Reviews
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Visitor Reviews: 309
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10 Countries
12 Novelty
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Singapore1 Course
3 Visitor Reviews
Iraq 1 Course
2 Visitor Reviews