2021-2022 Minigolf Tournaments
The Putting Penguin
Life is short.  Play mini golf.
For the most part we will not be posting information about tournaments other than our own due to the difficulty in keeping up with various changing information.  However, the following tournaments are some that we are connected to:

- International Mini Golf Summit (Texas - see more below)
- Taber's Mini Golf 8th Annual Tournament (Maine - Usually the 2nd weekend of August)
- Farmington Miniature Golf 41st Annual Tournament (Connecticut - mid-August)
- O Street 4th Annual Tournament (New Jersey - mid-August)
- Matterhorn International Pro-Am (Connecticut - see more below)

Below is the list of some of the overarching organizations where you can find information on tournaments this year and beyond, as that information is known, as well as one our friend's websites who will be keeping more up-to-date on tournaments and leagues.

- USPMGA (United States Professional MiniGolf Association - US affiliate of the WMF) - home of the U.S. Open and Masters

- WMF (World Minigolf Sport Federation) - home of the World Adventure Golf Masters (yearly) and Minigolf World Championships (bi-annually)

- PPA (Pro Putters Association)

- BMGA (British Miniature Golf Association)

- Minigolfnews.com (Media arm of WMF - summarizes all large tournaments)

- SqueakyBagel.com (Will be providing updated lists of tournaments and leagues across the US

Interested in how one of our resident professionals has done in his minigolf tournament career?  You can see Pat's (fairly) complete listing of tournaments and personal results here.
Matterhorn International Pro-Am

The 2021 Matterhorn International Pro-Am was a success with 38 players over the two divisions.  We anticipate holding the 6th running of the event in September 2022.

If you would like to see full results of the past Matterhorn tournaments and keep up to date on the 2022 event, we have created a new page specifically for the event here.
International Mini Golf Summit
New in 2022 we are partnering with A Couple of Putts, O Street Minigolf and Dreamland to bring you a new tournament and minigolf week experience.  The International Mini Golf Summit wil be held the week of April 20-23rd with the tournament on the 22nd and 23rd.

More information will be posted later in the year and we expect registrations to open in early 2022.  We hope to see you there!