2018 Minigolf Tournaments
The Putting Penguin
An unofficial guide to miniature golf courses
You can check out the following organizations' pages for complete information on their tournaments:

- USPMGA (United Stes Professional Miniature Golf Association)
- PPA (Pro Putters Association)
- BMGA (British Miniature Golf Association)
- WMF (World Minigolf Sport Federation)
- Minigolfnews.com (Media arm of WMF - summarizes all large tournaments)

We won't be posting individual tournament details on this page anymore with the excpetion of any tournament we are running (too many to keep up with) but if you have information on a local tournament let us know.  We'll post it on Facebook and possibly get it on the Minigolfnews.com listing of tournaments.

Interested in how one of our resident professionals has done in his minigolf tournament career?  You can see Pat's (fairly) complete listing of tournaments and personal results here.
2018 Matterhorn International Pro-Am

The Putting Penguin has teamed with Matterhorn Mini Golf for the second year to bring you one of the biggest tournaments in New England. The second iteration of this tournament will be held on September 22, 2018 at Matterhorn Mini Golf in Canton, CT.  Top prize is $500 and we've moved payouts of up to $50 down to 8th place (expanded from 4th in 2017).

See the invitation flyer for more information and check out the entry form if you are ready to take on the challenge of the Matterhorn!