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Woodbury Senior Center

Woodbury, CT


Cost: $3 for adult/ $2 for children

Par: 29 (9 holes)


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 7


This is an annual fundraiser held in Woodbury and we got a chance to play it this year.  Nine holes are put in the local senior center and are designed by a local resident. Overall the course is quite creative, though the layout of the holes was a bit weird making it sometimes hard to know which one came next.  For a “do-it-yourself” course there was a variety in hole designs, angles to take, elevation changes and some simple straight putts. Only a few of the holes were aceable but most could be done in 2-3 shots fairly easily. There were a couple of areas where the speed of putt and angle needed did also mean there was a high chance of the ball going out of bounds but that can be forgiven on a course such as this.


Reviewed by Pat, Liz, Malcolm and Mini Putt

Reviewed in 2015




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


Woodbury Indoor Miniature Golf                Woodbury Indoor Miniature Golf                Woodbury Indoor Miniature Golf


Woodbury Indoor Miniature Golf