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211 Middle Rd
Acushnet, MA 02743-2017
(508) 998-5666


Price: $6

Par: No Par Listed     


Difficulty: 6   

Creativity: 7  

Atmosphere: 10


It was a super clean course with water falls and a great landscape. There were all sorts of kiddie rides there also. A great place to take the kids.


Reviewed by Hank

Reviewed in 2005


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Visitor Review #2 (2006)


Price: $6 (adults); $5 (children)                                              Other Activities: Bumper Boats, Arcade, Driving range

Par: 47


Difficulty: 10

Creativity: 2

Atmosphere: 2                                                          


Of the 250+ mini golf courses I've been to in New England, this ranks near the very the bottom (SuperSports Fun Park in Carver, MA and SeaCoast Fun Park in Windham, ME remain tied as the absolute worst). The course uses at least four different types of putting greens, including one type that must have been in place since the Nixon administration. As a result, it is extremely difficult to shoot with any type of consistency.


And speaking of inconsistency, the holes themselves. Some holes lack cups, so the ball falls into the ground; still others have metal edges and deflect any and all shots (it's almost as if there's some sort of magnetic force field). And for those relatively few holes that actually resemble the holes you would find on a regulation golf course, the surrounding carpet is completely frayed.   


I must say that I've never seen any of the hole layouts at White's anywhere else. However, that's probably a good thing. The first hole is so difficult that the only way your ball will likely reach the bottom of the hole is to drop it in yourself. The following 17 holes contain a mélange of holes where neither skill nor luck helps out much. Among the most mystifying feature is the two consecutive cave holes, both of which are EXACTLY THE SAME. I don't care how good of a putter you think you are; this course is simply impossible. The only reason to bring a child here is if you never want him to play mini golf again.


If you still have any interest in playing here, let me add that the course is abutted by a farm. A farm with animals that produce an abundance of methane. If the layout of the course doesn't sicken you, the smell just might. 


In conclusion, this course is beyond terrible. It truly is the type of place that gives mini golf a bad name. If you want a better way to spend $6 at a South Coast mini golf course, go to the Carousel Family Fun Center in Fairhaven.


Reviewed by: Anonymous

Reviewed in: 2006