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Hadley, MA
Rt. 9, 3 miles west of I-91

(413) 486-2311


                                                                                                            Other Activities: Driving Range

Cost: $5.00

Par: 42


Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 3

Atmosphere: 8


Though we did have a few small comments on this course, overall we enjoyed it and would play it again.  Well start with our notes first.  The biggest item we noted what that there were several holes where the bricks on the sides were loose and would move or flip over if you stepped on them.  While this creates not only an inconsistent course, it is a safety consideration, especially for smaller children.  We also noted that there wasnt a clearly defined starting place, which makes deciding on how to play a hole a little difficult, but this is a more a concern of players who golf a lot and are more competitive than you average family.  We are also not big into having the flags in the pin, but they are removable, so if you don’t like them just take them out before starting the hole.  Our last point of improvement is on the bridge hole (16), where the wood and the bricks meet if not the best construction and leaves many in an awkward lie.  It is especially tough for right-handers because there is a good change that your second shot will be taken from an extremely uncomfortable position.


The good, however, outweighs the bad on the course. The course has a very bucolic atmosphere, set amongst farmland (thankfully without that farmland stink).  The carpeting is in very good condition and the landscaping is well maintained and does not interfere with play.  While the course lacks many unique holes, it does feature a couple of different designs and the holes themselves are about average difficulty for all players.  The scorecards are very cool, as they mimic an actual golf-course card, complete with handicap and hole length.  In all, we highly suggest visiting this course, especially at the very reasonable price they charge.


Reviewed by: Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in: 2006


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Western Mass Golf Center                Western Mass Golf Center                Western Mass Golf Center


Western Mass Golf Center                Western Mass Golf Center                Western Mass Golf Center