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5033 Tuttle Crossing Blvd.

Dublin, OH 43016
(614) 495-8660


Cost: $5 for 9 hole/$8 for 18 holes

Par: ?


Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 8


These two indoor, black light, nine-hole courses are part of the much larger "Scene75 Entertainment Center." The holes are well designed and well maintained, with one having an undersea theme, and the other an other-worldly jungle. Both are decorated with elaborate murals and sculptures, some of the latter of which are obstacles on the holes. In addition, appropriate music and sound effects- jungle drums, sea animals, etc- are played on each course. Further, animated scenes are projected on the walls. The holes generally play smoothly, and are varied enough to be interesting. However, there are no tee matts, no posted pars and the "greens" are actually black. The black lights are not sufficiently strong enough to light up the florescent paint within the hole cups. Additionally, the club heads are black, so it can be difficult to see what one is putting with and toward what one is putting. Also, some of the tunnel obstacles through which one is supposed to putt are too low ceilinged and narrow such that one's ball is regularly ejected backwards, and on one hole my ball was stuck irretrievably. The larger entertainment center, one of a chain of five locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania, is in a two-story repurposed anchor store of a still-operating shopping mall, and includes arcade and redemption games as well as attractions such as bumper cars, batting cages, an indoor roller coaster and others too numerous to mention. It caters to both kids and adults, having birthday party rooms as well as bars which serve alcohol. Despite the minor playing flaws of the course, it was well designed and maintained, fun to play, and, at least on the day I played, attended with very helpful and friendly staff.


Reviewed by: Delano Lopez

Reviewed in: 2021