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14th Deck

Aft on the Carnival Victory

Somewhere in the Caribbean                                 


Cost: Free (so long as you are on the cruise)

Par: 23                                                                                                Other Activities: Being on a cruise ship


Difficulty: 6

Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 10


The "Victory Greens" course is certainly an interesting experience. In addition to the wind and the gentle swaying of the ship golfers were challenged with the helpful hints of the other golfers. Overall I gave this course a 7 as some of the carpets need replacing and some of the shots are genuinely tough, especially when you would putt would do a boomerang and return. Surprises awaited the duffers on several of the holes. It was also rather tough because you're not entirely sure what will happen to the ball finally stops. The course conditions sometimes worked against me rather than for me, but it did provide a lot of laughter. I gave the atmosphere a ten, because you are in fact playing minigolf on a cruise boat in the middle of the Caribbean.  Where else can you play minigolf while drinking your favorite drink and watch the Caribbean sail by? There's not too much of a dress code so you can go for a putt after swimming in the pool or do as I did and go for a putt in a T-Shirt, shorts and my favorite visor. The course was well laid out, the most challenging would have to be hole #8. It said it was a Par 4, but have seven or eight strokes, we had to wonder.


Reviewed by: John Blackburn

Reviewed in: 2014







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