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Ulleråkersvägen 12

Uppsala, 75309




Cost: 120 SEK

Par: 36


Outdoor Adventure Golf

Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 9


This is one of four courses at the Uppsala complex which also has an indoor adventure golf course, a Swedish felt course and an Eternit (miniaturegolf) course. The last two were part of the 2023 Minigolf World Championships General Class, which was happening while we were there.  As a result we didn’t get to play those courses or the indoor course (except for a few holes) because that area was used as the staging for the administrative work around the championships. The one round we did get to play on the outdoor adventure course was with several members of the World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF)’s Executive Committee, which ended up being great fun.


The course, and the entire complex, is in wonderful condition in part due to the “club” nature of the complex which we don’t see much in the United States.  Besides just being a business, there is a “big” golf club style community around the course complete with trophy cases and lockers. The only thing we noticed that was off in terms of maintenance was some of the hole signs with the pars and projected paths to the course were worn and beat up.  Otherwise everything on the playable space was in great condition.


The holes are a mix of straightforward adventure golf, where you use the curves primarily to guide the ball towards the hole and some obstacles include a couple of wire loops, a channel and some other pipes. However, on all of the obstacle holes there is also another path to the hole.  This is good because the obstacles are not always a guaranteed ace so you can make some decisions on how you want to play the hole, especially if playing the course multiple times. So while there’s some creativeness in the hole design, several will look and feel like ones you may have played before, especially if you have any experience with CityGolf courses.  There’s not much other theming on the course but it also doesn’t feel like it needs it with how it sits together with the total complex. Overall the course plays fairly easy and most experienced putters can score mid-30s even on the first go-around. With the multiple paths to the hole and fairly forgiving greens it is good for all skill levels to score well.


We recommend this course and complex to anyone in the area and if you are up for an international trip to see some quality miniature golf this is a must stop if you can get to it.


Reviewed by Pat & Putt

Reviewed in 2023




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Uppsala                Uppsala                Uppsala


Uppsala                Uppsala                Uppsala


Uppsala                Uppsala                Uppsala