*Course is Closed (last update 8/20/11)*


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32 Cooke St.

Plainville, CT

(860) 747-9904


Price: $3.50

Par: 43


Difficulty: 2

Creativity: 1

Atmosphere: 1


There arenít enough words to describe how bad this course is.Our recommendation is that you never play this course in the hopes that it will go out of business.Then, maybe someone who cares will buy this course and give it a face lift.The only redeeming factor on this course is that it had brand new carpeting on the holes.Other than that, itís a wasteland.Hereís three things that right away should tell people itís a bad course.First, their scorecards donít even have a place to write in your total score.Second, they donít even have their own golf pencils.Hell, they donít even have generic golf pencils that you can buy at Staples for about $10 for 100.Instead, they have golf pencils from Tunxis Golf Plantation, a mega golf complex a few miles up the road.We surmise that they somehow managed to steal a box of pencils from the complex.Unless itís marketing, but I doubt Tunxis would want to be associated with this course.The third thing is the real kicker.The only thing in bloom on the course is plastic flowers.The plastic ones are placed randomly and make the course look tacky.


This leads us into one of the biggest drawbacks to this course; it looks like an overgrown parking lot.The white rocks that fill the spaces between the holes are littered with weeds and everything not plastic in the flower boxes is dead and rotting.The course is a terrible eye-sore, but a few well-placed bushes prevents people from noticing this from the road.Add to that the fact that 1 of 3 moving obstacles worked well and you felt as if you were playing a golf course that had been long closed- possibly in a post-apocalyptic waste world ala Mad Max.This brings us to crappy point number two: this course only had six obstacles, of which two didnít work, one had horrible design flaws and one was bee-infested.Even the one that did work was a crappy windmill, which you could putt under no matter what.The blades, nor any part of the windmill, actually came down to ball height. Finally, this course had one of our biggest pet peeves- metal cups with the large rims that make it too easy to skid the ball past the hole.There were also some cups which you were afraid to put your hand into for fear that it would never come out.As far as difficulty goes, itís not all that hard as long as you forget about some of the terrible design flaws on many of the holes.I think weíve said enough about creativity and atmosphere to explain those pathetic scores.


Fortunately, not all was lost on this course.It did feature our phallic hole of the day, which seems to pop up (no pun intended) in many courses.However, we stress again that you should avoid this course.We played it so you donít have to.Donít even stop if you happen to drive by it.Until we hear that itís under new management, we will surely never return.


Reviewed in 2001

Reviewed by Pat and Mandy