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City Mini Golf

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420 Canfield Ave

Bridgeport, CT

(203) 259-2255



Price: $5

Par: None listed Other activities: Batting cages


Difficulty: 2

Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 8


This is the first indoor course weve played during our two years of working the miniature golf scene and it turned out to be a decent course. Thanks to the fact that they dont have to deal with the weather, the course is in great condition, with no seams or holes in the carpet. They use various different colors of carpeting to denote sand and water (a penalty for touching either) and with scenes of golf courses painted on the walls, it gives you the feel of a tiny version of a real course. The course also tries to include the batting cage aspect of the building by having a replica of Fenway Parks Green Monster on the 18th hole, which you must bank the ball of to get towards the cup. The course also features a lot of greenery for being indoors and also sports a small pool in the middle with some fish. It gives you the general feel of being outdoors without having to face the conditions. We played the course just after Christmas and it was still decorated for the holidays, Christmas tree and all.


Its not too difficult in general and a lot of the holes in the middle of the course are relatively the same, and frankly a little boring. A regular mini-golfer can easily get twos and aces on almost every hole in this course. The toughest part of the course is that there are many areas, because of the width of the hole and the objects surrounding it, where footing is very awkward. The holes are also all lined with plywood, which provides no bounce at all. Its frustrating, but it does make you try to plan your shots a little differently than normally. The course does offer a variety of different colored balls including tye-dye and baseball ones to go with the theme.


This course is definitely worth playing once and definitely provides a good alternative on a rainy day or during the winter. The course wasnt too crowded when we went there during the winter, but there seemed to be ample room for larger rainy-day crowds.


Reviewed by: Pat, Mandy & Putt

Reviewed in: 2003


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Visitor Review #1 (2006)


Price: $5

Par: No par on the scorecard Other activities: Batting cages


Difficulty: 6

Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 5


We tried this course (in winter) only because it was one of the few indoor minigolf venues within driving distance of our home. We were not disappointed and returned a few more times. While the indoor atmosphere seems a bit confining at first, that is more perception than reality, although some of the holes are relatively short putts. A fact that is balanced by their contours and overall difficulty.


The carpet surfaces are quite flat and the ball rolls fast, so you need to adjust for that. Most of the sides on the greens are made of wood, meaning that you get almost no 'bounce' from them....another item to adjust for. The cups are large and some of the holes are 'easy aces' while some are not, just as on any outdoor course. I didn't do so great on this course (and came back to 'beat it' but didn't succeed) but I hadn't played in months and the course was unfamiliar. That's my story - and I'm sticking to it.


The employees and service were excellent. We foolishly left our clubs there by mistake for almost a month (don't ask) and they were safely put away by the manager and waiting for us when we returned. We were pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Not a venue I would go out of my way for but worth a visit on a rainy or winter day.



Reviewed by: Jim Sweeters

Reviewed in: 2006