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8501 Stearns Rd
Olmsted Falls, OH 44138

(440) 235-4420


Cost: $6         

Par: 42


Castle Course

Difficulty: 3

Creativity: 1

Atmosphere: 2


The course is part of a whole entertainment type area, with an arcade, bumper cars, batting cages, etc. Instead of just paying money to get in, you need to purchase tickets from the desk. These are one ticket for two dollars, or twenty dollars for ten. After these are purchased, you can get your putter and ball and begin play. From the start, the course was hard to navigate. There was no signs before each hole, so you had to search to find the beginning. Once that was figured out, we began play. There wasn't anything that really stuck out about the course. The holes were basic, nothing too thrilling or exciting. You hit the ball into the hole then moved on. Often, there were no obstacles or ways to make it harder. The green wasn't very clean either. Dirt was on the edges, and the course was extremely wet in some places. As for the decorations, there was a small castle, a few fountains, some odd music playing in the background. Overall, I feel that they could've been more creative and tried to make the course harder, but still fun for kids to play.


Reviewed by: Rachel Culbertson

Reviewed in: 2006






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