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6770 Brookpark Road

Cleveland, OH 44129

(216) 472-1340


Cost: $8 (18 holes)/ $14 (36 holes)

Par: ?


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 8


This location contains two 18-hole courses, one of which is labelled "Easy" and one "Hard." While no pars were listed, our group finished most of the Easy Course holes in two strokes, (I would give it a difficulty of 4) while the Hard holes were usually done in three or four. The decor is candy themed, with large lollypops alongside the holes, as well as a large concrete Pez(tm) dispenser, and oversized Jelly Belly (tm) jelly beans. This is befitting in that the course is part of a larger complex, "b.a. Sweetie Candy Company," which includes an ice cream and soda shop, and what is claimed to be the largest candy store in the world, that is, a warehouse full of bulk and unusual candies, as well as some toys and other displays. The holes themselves are well maintained, but the play is fairly straightforward, with only a few tunnels and simple bricks and rocks for obstacles. There are also some bridges and water features, as well as some mining-themed decorations as well as a large castle for photo opportunities. However, when we visited, the castle had been damaged, and the hole in which one putted under a mining cart had its tunnels blocked off by traffic cones. Nonetheless, it was still a pleasant and enjoyable course. Note- Sweeties Golfland has a second location in North Ridgeville, Ohio, which seems to be a much more standard Harris-style course, with no candy decor or attached candy store


Reviewed by: Delano Lopez

Reviewed in: 2021