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759 Rt 13
Cortland NY 13045
(607) 758-8585


Cost: $6 adult/$5.50 or $5.00 child  

Par: 45


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 10

Atmosphere: 10


Shipwreck Golf reminds me of the mini golf courses you might see in Myrtle Beach or Ocean City.  It is decorated with 2 pirate ships, palm trees, many buildings and pirate statues.  The jail even has a talking pirate.  The owners play music while you are playing and the songs are real upbeat.  The day I was there the song YMCA came on and everyone on the course started dancing to it.

The actual holes range from 2-3 flat easy holes to 5-6 exiting holes.  One hole has a river you play down, 2 have water traps and 1 has a spinner that tells each player how they have to play the hole. The course is very well maintained.  I liked the holes because they challenge you to come back and try to get better.  Some courses have holes that are all the same and this course has at least 14 styles of holes to play.

They also have a 1950's style zoo course that you can play for $2.75 after you finish the pirate course.  This course is totally different.  It is hard to play but fun because they have 3 more spinners on the course that make it interesting.


Reviewed by: Bonnie MacCollum

Reviewed in: 2008






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