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8445 Old Columbia Rd
Laurel, MD 20723

(307) 725-0888


Price: $4

Par: 51 (itís also a 19 hole course)                                         Other Activities: Batting Cage, Driving Range, Arcade


Difficulty: 2

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 8


Yet another in a growing list of courses weíve played that are pure fun.  It may not be the most exciting or challenging course out there, but youíll have a fun time playing it.  The course starts off with one of the most unique holes weíve ever seen.  The hole is done like a pitching mound (in a tribute to the attached batting cages).  You start with the ball on the pitchers rubber (elevated of course) and putt down the carpet (brown to simulate the dirt) to a home-plate shaped hole (never seen before in any course), behind which is a cutout of a catcher and umpire.  Although none of the other holes are as creative (except for the exceptionally long 19th hole), that hole alone makes the course.  Thatís not to say there arenít holes worth mentioning.  The lighthouse hole is a little unique in the way you putt into the lighthouse which sits alone in the water, they have a Washington Monument hole (which is more than we can say for the course we played thatís in D.C.) and the singing lonesome pine on Hole #8 is definitely a little freaky.  However, to anyone who has ever read Stephen Kingís Dark Tower series, Hole #16 will give you nightmares.  Although Blaine the Mono was supposed to be a monorail, it is often depicted as a slightly distorted steam engine on covers of the older paperbacks.  The engine that is the obstacle on this course is Blaine.  It has a weird, Picasso like feeling to it with weird angles and odd colors and even if youíve never read King, the train will surely freak you out.


Moving through the course one will notice that the cups are all slightly larger than normal.  Itís not much, maybe a ľĒ but you can definitely tell (which is why the difficulty is lower on this course).  The course also uses metal triangles as obstacles, which provides less vibrant bounces than rocks or bricks.  Also, sometimes even if you manage to putt right into Blaine with a normal strength putt, the ball will fall out of the metal track and become stuck under Blaine which is kind of annoying.  Local color is added to the course with the Rocky Gorge jail hole and the last hole claims to be the worldís longest (although we donít know if it really is).  The man at the desk was also very pleasant, informing us that during the early part of the week you can play all day for the price of one round.  He also let us know that with a large group ahead of us, it was ok to skip around to different hole if they were open so we didnít have to wait.  Itís an altogether good course worth playing if youíre in the area, especially since itís easy to get to off of Route 95.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2003


Visitor Review #1




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Description: Rocky Gorge Miniature Golf                Description: The famous Washington Monument                Description: Putt in jail for reasons unknown



Description: Blaine the Mono for all the Dark Tower Fans                Description: Putt practicing his pitching




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Visitor Review #1 (2009)


Price: $4.50

Par: 51 (itís also a 19 hole course)                                         Other Activities: Batting Cage, Driving Range, Arcade


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 7


Love the handmade structures, clowns, windmills and such and it has been here many years... sadly it's in serious need of repairs (8-24-09), many broken features and the pine tree hasn't sung as advertised in years. Always loved the Disney train, and a good size replica of the Washington Monument. Still, fascinating and fun.


Reviewed by zzblaine

Reviewed in 2009