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(formerly Rivers Edge)


274 Riverside Drive

Thompson, CT

(860) 923-3598


Note: This course has re-opened as Tee Rex Miniature Golf.  Our review below is for the old course but the visitor review is for the new course.


Price: $6.00

Par: 40


Difficulty: 3

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 9


This was the third of three courses we played one day and upon pulling into the parking lot we expected nothing more than a decent, run-of-the-mill miniature golf.  What we found was a really good course run by a really good guy, tucked away in the middle-of-nowhere Connecticut.  There was hardly anyone there when we arrived and we were greeted by a friendly old man who was sitting at a table chatting with one of his buddies.  These two men would still be there when we finished and we ended up having a good 10-15 minute conversation with them.  The good-naturedness of these two gentlemen alone drove up the atmosphere score.


The course itself makes good use of a little bit of land as it winds back and forth on itself.  Most of the holes are quite long, with several curves and dips in them.  Although it lacks obstacles or a lot of things like rocks and “rough”, the actual layout of the holes were different than many of the ones we’ve seen.  We pegged this as a challenging course at the beginning, but as it turns out it wasn’t bad at all.  On almost all the holes, you could put your first shot well within reach of having an easy deuce and a couple of good bounces will land you a hole-in-one.  The course also features a ball cleaner on the 9th hole and each hole also has an advertisement (tastefully done) for a local business.


The free game system at this course is a little different than most.  The owner chooses two random holes each day and a hole-in-one on one of these holes earns you a free game.  Naturally, you don’t know the holes until the end of the round, which makes you gun for one on every hole.  (He decided we looked “trustworthy” though, as he filled us in on what holes they were before we started.  Yeah, we didn’t get a hole-in-one one either of them.)  The ball return is nifty too.  The owner has a PVC piping system set up on the outside of the building that you drop the ball into and it rolls on down the side, goes into the building, rolls down the inside of the building and drops into a bucket.  Not too complicated, but a little more interesting than handing the ball to the person at the desk.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2002


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Visitor Review #1 (2021)


Cost: $10                                                                   

Par: ?


Difficulty: 6                                                  

Creativity: 7                                                 

Atmosphere: 4                                              


This course has been reopened with a dinosaur 🦕 theme. The obstacles are creative and the holes are fairly challenging. The low atmosphere score is mostly because the rest room facilities were port-a-potties. Yuck. Also the music on the course was very staticky and the carpets could use maintenance. The staff was competent and the course is in a nice setting so I am willing to believe some of the issues here could be due to lingering covid restrictions or lack of staff and will improve in time.


Reviewed by: Glenda R

Reviewed in: 2021