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33 Lecount Pl
New Rochelle, NY 10801-6454

(914) 632-3346


Cost: $8.50    

Par: 53


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 9


This is one of the chain of Putting Edge golf courses.  Their website lists twenty three locations in the U.S. and Canada, and says that no two courses are alike.  What they do share in common is that they are all "glow-in-the-dark" courses.  The course is indoors, and lit with blacklights.  The golfballs, score cards, pencils, holes and extensive decorations are all ultra-violet light reflective.  You can take a virtual tour on their website.  The decor includes paintings on the walls and on large two-dimensional cutouts on every hole, the latter of which make up most of the obstacles.  Each hole or close grouping of holes has a theme- castles, mushroom forest, sharks, etc.     They also play loud music, which when we were there went from 80's pop to current hip hop. They sell glow necklaces as

well, and the gimmick seems to be trying to give the feel of a rave.  It is similar to the "cosmic bowling" fad that took off in the late 90's.  In fact, the one in New Rochelle is in a shopping mall with just such a bowling alley nearby.   It is a fun and exciting course, but not very relaxing, and I suspect not to everyone's taste.


The play of the course is a little tricky.  One, there are no curbs between one hole and the next, so an errant shot can go easily onto another hole.  I suspect this is to decrease the chance of someone tripping on the curb in the darkly lit space.  (It did have the unintended consequence of making it easier to push a stroller through.)      Two, the "greens" are actually black, which can make it hard to read the lay of a hole. This may not be the best course for those who are most concerned with the quality of play.  The last drawback is that this is a bit pricey compared to other mini-golf, at near the price of a movie.  Still, we had a fun time.



Reviewed by: Delano Lopez

Reviewed in: 2006