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5201 Route 309

Center Valley, PA 18034

(610) 798-9800


Cost: $6.95 (2nd round ½ price)                                             Other Activities: Ice cream/snack shack

Par: 57 (Blue Tees – both courses)/ 56 (White Tees – Both Courses)                                  


Both Courses

Difficulty: 9 (Blue Tees)/ 7 (White tees)

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 10


Putt U was home to the 2016 U.S. Open and holds the record for the highest score by a U.S. Open winner in the tournaments history. That’s the short way of saying the two courses here are tough, especially when playing from the “pro” (blue) tees.  The courses shorten up and become easier if you are playing from the white tees and this course also had a series of “kids” (red) tees to help the little putters conquer the courses.  Overall we felt the courses were of equal difficulty but in different ways.  The blue course is more consistently difficult throughout the 18 holes with very few ace opportunities.  The front 9 of the red course has several reasonable shots at aces but the back 9 presents almost impossible ace challenges, including what’s called the “hardest hole in Pennsylvania”. There are a couple of holes on both courses were an ace is almost impossible and that’s really one of the only drawbacks we’d point out on the course – we like having a reasonable opportunity for an ace on every hole.   Couple low volumes of aces with tough deuce putts and you can see why scores in the low 40s are worthy of a U.S. Open winner!  The course record for both courses (set during the tournament) is a 39.


The courses are both in excellent shape with new carpet and good landscaping.  Where there is water there are either little bumpers to keep you out of the drink (but still out of bounds) and/or scoopers to help you retrieve your ball easily.  If all else fails there’s also “replacement” balls on the course that you can use if yours is lost to the minigolf gods for good.  There is music on the course and plenty of room between the holes, with a good scattering of benches throughout.  The hole markers provide a lot of fun information, including the length of the hole (also on the scorecard) and the first person to ace a particular hole.  The price to play is extremely reasonable as you can play both courses for just over $10, which is the cost of one round at many high-end courses these days.  To top it all off, the course has ice cream available which is always a good way to end a round or two.


Reviewed by: Pat, Putt and Mini Putt

Reviewed in: 2016


Visitor Review #1




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


Putt U                 Putt U                 Putt U


Putt U                 Putt U                 Putt U


Putt U                 Putt U                 Putt U


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Visitor Review #1 (2013)


Cost: $6.95 (2nd round ½ price)

 Par: 57 (Blue Tees – both courses)/ 56 (White Tees – Both Courses)                                 


Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 10


Two very well maintained 18 hole courses. More like actual golf as there are no contrived contraptions to deal with. Courses have elevation changes, sand and water hazards and "read the green" bumps and slopes. Challenging? Yes, but young children have a good time as well as serious adults. The staff is great.


Reviewed by: Richard Morris

Reviewed in: 2013