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4530 Speedway Drive

Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46825

(260) 483-7618


Cost: $7 for one round, $11 for 2, $14 for 3                                      

Par: 36                                                                                               


Difficulty: 6                                                   

Creativity: 6                                      

Atmosphere: 8                                              


This Putt Putt has 3 courses. Course 1 is The Jungle. Waterfall and Jungle sounds along with wide varieties of plants provide great atmosphere. Jungle is in excellent shape as it will host 2017 Putt Putt National championship in September along with course 2, The Classic course. Classic is more wide open design with manicured lawn and many different types of flowers. Excellent condition as well. Great scoring opportunities, but areas to find some trouble if you get a little careless. Course 3 is the Volcano. Needs work to be tournament ready, but very playable and fun. Tournaments on Tuesdays at 7:15,6:30 practice. 3 rounds $9


Reviewed by Trent Hatfield

Reviewed in 2017