Uranus Putt Pirates                                                                          Return to Missouri PageCity Mini Golf


14797 Hwy Z

Saint Robert, MO 65584

(573) 528-2591


Cost: $9.50

Par: No par listed


Difficulty: 6

Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 7


This course is part of a much larger roadside attraction, Uranus, Missouri, which is based on the conceit that Uranus is its own town with its own eccentric Mayor. This allows for many juvenile puns, such as the name of the course, or "the best fudge comes from Uranus." The "town" includes a fudge factory, an ice cream shop, gift shop and a very good side show musuem with Figi mermaids and other gaffes. Over the years the mayor has added and removed other attractions, and construction is ongoing. It's a great bit of old-school Route 66 Americana. However, the mini golf course itself is a relatively standard Harris course, whose decor and obstacles are indistinguishable from any other Harris course. The management has stated that they will be integrating more pirate and/or Uranus themed decor to the still relatively new course. A pleasant and fairly easy course, not yet worth its own trip, but worthwhile if you are already exploring Uranus.


Reviewed by Delano Lopez

Reviewed in 2022