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4021 Thistlewood Dr.

Grove City, OH 43123

(614) 594-0077


Cost: $7.50

Par: 47


Difficulty: 7                                      

Creativity: 8                                       

Atmosphere: 7                                    


This is a fairly pleasant, if standard course. It has water features and nice landscaping, and no kitsch factor- no theme, windmills, etc. However, there is one noteworthy feature that makes this 18 hole course score higher on creativity than otherwise. Most holes contain more than one hole- a white standard hole, and a red "penalty" hole, which is of larger diameter, and placed in an easier location, such as downhill from the standard hole. The player can putt into either hole, but suffers a one stroke penalty for sinking it in the "penalty hole." It is suggested that younger players be allowed to hit into the easier hole with no penalty. Two of the holes also have an orange "bonus" cup which is smaller in diameter and more difficultly placed than the white one. Landing in the bonus cup subtracts one stroke from the player's score. This made an otherwise above average course a fair bit more interesting. It would be ever more so were more bonus cups placed on the course. The course needs some maintenance, but as signs on the course explained, Covid-19 has delayed the work somewhat. Nonetheless, it was better maintained than many a course, and the staff were friendly and helpful. The complex also contains an arcade and party room (both currently closed due to Covid) as well as batting cages and soccer cages. Due to Covid, as of this writing, one must bring one's own bat and helmet to the batting cages.


Reviewed by Delano Lopez

Reviewed in 2020