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RT 3

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

(207) 288-2133


Cost: $7 for adult for one course, $11 for adult to play both courses

Par: Original- 39, Challenge- 42


Original Adventure Course                             Challenge Course

Difficulty: 7                                                    Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 10                                                 Creativity: 9

Atmosphere: 10                                             Atmosphere: 10 


All you can say about this establishment is that it is one of the coolest miniature golf courses in the world.  The list of positive attributes is very long and we’re going to give you every one of them.  Since the two courses share the same area, their atmosphere scores are the same, but they vary a little in difficulty and creativity.  The challenge course is definitely a bit harder, as you can tell by the par, but the original course does include going onto a pirate ship for one hole.  It also includes a nifty hole where you can hit it into the flowing river and the ball still comes out on the green. 


That’s enough about the difference in the two courses.  Let’s move on to all the fun things that the complex itself has.  First, there are things to look at everywhere on this course, starting with the pirate ship that dominates the landscape.  Next, water flows through most of the course, with impressive falls all around.  The water also allows for some more fun, such as the mechanical sharks circling the animatronic man just as you walk in.  Also, at the end of the course you can stop and feed the fish in the pond thanks to the fish food machine mounted on the railing of the bridge.  Besides water hazards, several of the holes on both courses have “fake” sand-traps.  They look real, but are nothing more than tan painted mats.  They don’t add much of a challenge except for an extra slope, but they do look very cool.  Additionally, on each hole there is a little sign that describes some piece of pirate history.  After 36 holes of golf, you get to learn a lot of little facts.  Even the practice greens get into the fun.  On the original course, the practice green has tombstones that one must putt around.  Then, there are the little things that really put this course over the top.  One such thing is the random selection, by the staff, of a hole on which to give a free game to anyone who gets a hole in one.  A staff person stands at the hole and gives you a token if you sink the first put.  Also, at the end of the game, there is a wheel-of-fortune.  A staff member gives the wheel a spin and if anyone in your group had a hole-in-one on the number on the wheel that comes up, they get a free game.  Little kids also get a break on this course because the staff provides large plastic putters for those children who don’t quite have that hand-eye coordination down yet.  Finally, because we were there on the 4th of July, they gave us free, plastic American flags when we finished.  The only drawback this course has is that it is a tad expensive if you only want to play 18 holes.  However, they do give you a good break if you want to play 36 holes.  Overall, the cost is definitely worth it.  The course is great to play and is kept in great condition.  If you can find a Pirate’s Cove near you or pass one on vacation, definitely take the time to play it.


Reviewed by Pat and Mandy

Reviewed in 2001 




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Pirate’s Cove Bar Harbor                Pirate’s Cove Bar Harbor




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