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Rosendalsgatan 1, 442 35

Kungälv, Sweden

0734-27 24 34


Cost: 90 SEK

Par: 38


Difficulty: 2

Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 8


This course was the home of the 2019 World Adventure Golf Masters (WAGM) and is the first course we’ve played in Sweden.  We were lucky enough to play in the WAGM so got to see the course at it’s finest set-up for tournament play.  While this is a traditional “adventure style” course similar to the ones we play in the US, it has a few noticeable differences.  There are no hard boundaries except for a few rocks or metal rails in strategic locations (behind the cup, etc) so the course is mostly edged with just a grass covered berm.  Due to the length and layout of the holes the berm edge rarely comes into play, even for the casual golfer, so it just makes the course look a bit cleaner versus impacting the round.  The second difference is that there are a lot of “drop pockets” around the holes that will bring your ball into the cup if you are an inch, or sometimes a bit more, outside the cup.  This really helps keeps the scores low. Finally, the construction of this course uses sand in the carpet installation which results in some of it being present in the warmer temperatures.  So depending on what the weather is like when you play, it will adjust ever so slightly how the ball reacts which can be important on some of the more finesse holes.


As alluded to above, the holes are fairly short on this course with a few exceptions, most notably the two “castle” holes that bring in the local color of Bohus Fortress and Carlstens Fortress. Most have multiple ways of playing them, which are outlined on the cards at the beginning of each hole, though some have preferred tracks as the WAGM showed.  The first time playing through you’re still likely to shoot pretty good given there’s not a ton of way to get more than a 2 on most holes (unless you really crush or mishit the ball). Should you play the course again you’ll likely shoot under par and if you’re a tournament player a score in the 20s is very achievable.  The world record for MOS (Minigolf Open Standard) was set on this course as Gunner Bengtsson shot a 19 during the WAGM, so it definitely can be one of the easier courses you’ll play.


There’s some creativity in the hole designs but the shots do get slightly repetitive, especially as you head into the back nine there there’s a few “aim for a backdoor shot” type holes.  While they have a little variance in the placement/speed, it’s still familiar putting. The overall shape of the course is excellent and there’s plenty of space between holes.  One drawback is that there isn’t any shade available across the course so if it’s a warm day you’ll be happy you can play through fairly quick. Other than the two castle holes there isn’t much else in the way of theming on the course, which is why our overall atmosphere score wasn’t a little higher.  You’ll love the course for the play and the competition you can have, but might be a little underwhelmed if you are looking for more of the minigolf spectacle.


Reviewed by Pat & Putt

Reviewed in 2019




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


GolfOasen                GolfOasen                GolfOasen


GolfOasen                GolfOasen                GolfOasen


GolfOasen                GolfOasen                GolfOasen


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