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124 Leominster Rd
Sterling, MA 01564
(978) 422-5022


Par: 42

Price: $7 (season pass is $60)                                                   Other Activities: Grill, Video Arcade


Moonlight Golf                         Day Time Golf

Difficulty: 9                             Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 5                            Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 9                        Atmosphere: 9                                               


Unlike the other moonlight golf we’ve played, which was in the center of a town, thus had to deal with street lamps and the like, this course is in the middle of nowhere.  In fact, on the night we played it was less “moonlight golf” and more “pitch black golf”- but that made it fun.  Although this course played the same, with glow-in-the-dark lights in the cups and sticks in the balls, many of the holes were so long and windy that you couldn’t see the faint green glow to guide you.  Most of the time you more or less putted into the darkness, hoping your ball didn’t fall into a pile of rocks or slide down an opening into the water.


Because of the darkness, the true difficulty and creativity will differ from the moonlight ratings because we couldn’t really see anything.  The course seemed to be in good shape and the holes were somewhat tough, but playing them in the dark with balls that roll slightly different than normal ones really adds to the difficulty.  The only real flaw we found in the course was that if the ball did go into the water it often traveled quite far before you could retrieve it.  There weren’t many nets or traps to keep the ball from going all the way down to the ponds at the bottom, should you be unlucky enough to dump it in the drink while you were towards the top of the hill.  It was also a little hard to keep score as you had to do so by the glow of the ball, which wasn’t all that much light.


The overall atmosphere of the course was great and they had a lot of little things we hadn’t seen much of before.  Each hole was names after a particular animal and had fun facts about the animals (and the scorecard asks that you allow all woodland creatures to cross the greens before putting).  The scorecard also had an “animal tracking” activity on the back where you wrote down what hole you saw particular animal tracks at.  Both are good ways to kill time while waiting to play a hole.  In addition, there were soda machines at the 10th hole and the course had a great lodge for a clubhouse.  In the lodge one could purchase merchandise from the course or see if their score beat the lowest or highest for the day.  The course had good music playing and uses a bingo style free game where if the ball pulled out of the bingo turner matches any of the holes on which you had a hole-in-one, you get a free game.  The theme is exactly the sort one would expect from a course in the woods of New England and they’ve put the effort into make a great course.


2007 Update

We reviewed this course again in the daylight and when we re-rated it, we did it without looking back at our first review.  So, it was good to see that both the course and our review style remained consistent by the scores we gave.  It was also nice to see that the price didn’t change in the four years since we last played the course.  Overall, the course is extremely well maintained and has very simple and good looking landscaping.  The carpets are in excellent condition and our previous note about the balls running away in the water didn’t have any effect on us this time.  We really enjoyed that there was an open starting area to each hole (no rubber mats) and the cups were the good plastic kinds.  The music was also a great addition and added to the overall atmosphere.  All of our previous notes about the free game, low score and clubhouse all still apply.  Again, this is a great course to play even if you have to travel a little bit off the beaten path to get there.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy, Megan, Katie, Putt

Reviewed in 2003 & 2007


Visitor Review #1


Visitor Review #2




Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf


Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf


Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf


Mulligan's Miniature Golf                Mulligan's Miniature Golf               







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Visitor Review #2 (2022)


Cost: $11

Par: 42


Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 10


Mulligan's Miniature Golf is one of the finest mini golf places in central Ma. It is ranked #12 Best Mini Golf in U.S.A. by Men's Journal in 2015. It has 18 unique and exciting holes of golf, along with gorgeous landscaping, great music, and waterfalls. Check out the Fish Pond under the bridge as you enter the clubhouse it has Koi and Goldfish! Each hole is named after an animal and gives a fun fact about the animal the hole is named. Each hole has "Spinners" which make playing mini golf even more interesting and challenging-try the behind the back shot and see for yourself! 2022 Pricing Adults $11.00(13-55), Kids $9.00 (4-12), Seniors $9.00 (55+). Wednesday is SENIOR DAY when seniors play for $8.00. They also have GLOW IN THE DARK Wednesday Nights during JULY & AUGUST FLAT RATE price of $13.00 per person (no discounts and. not included with Season Passes) Try it out LED GOLF BALLS- SO KOOL-


Reviewed by Anonymous

Reviewed in 2022



Visitor Review #1 (2007)


Cost: $7.00

Par: 42


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 9


Not too remote... Exit 6 off of 190, I believe.  A very good family oriented place.  Outstanding landscaping... clean...colorful.  My family and I were greeted promptly and politely by the two gentlemen at the counter.  The "Moose Caboose" grill provides tempting aromas while you navigate the course.  The facilities inside were exceptionally clean too.  We'd gladly return if/when in the area.


Reviewed by Rob Fenstermacher

Reviewed in 2007