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2333 Dam Rd

Tega Cay, SC 29708

(844) 677-8889


Price: $9 ($15 play all day)                                                   Other activities: 19th hole bar, ax throwing, ropes course, other activities

Par: 45


Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 9


Mr. Putty’s was home to the 2019 USPMGA U.S. Open at the time of our review. It is a Harris Corporation course and was recently carpeted before the tournament and our arrival.  It’s a traditional adventure style course, however there is a lot of creativity in the hole designs.  While some look fairly generic to a Harris course, holes like 5 (the 111 foot winding back hole, which can be intimidating but you can ace) and 6 (putting through the waterfall) are unique compared to a lot of the courses we have seen.  Throughout the course there are 5 holes that incorporate an element of luck, either relying on putting through the water or hoping the pipes give you a good drop to the hole.  For the casual players this isn’t much an issue and these holes are fun, but from a competition stand-point it adds a little more variation than one might like.  Each hole does make you think about your tee shot and while the course can bite you with some putts overall you aren’t likely to see many high scores. Seven of the holes have a pretty decent chance for an ace once you figure out the line.  If you’re really on fire you can even try to shoot the course record of 30, which was set during the U.S. Open.  Since the greens are new they were in great condition and the putts run true throughout the course.


Most of the course has plenty of room between the holes so you won’t be packed on top of each other if it’s a crowded day.  It also finishes on an “island” hole that gives you the feeling of walking off a big golf course back to the clubhouse. One drawback of the course, especially being in the South, is that there is almost no shade once you get past hole 4 and it can be brutally hot out there midday.  The course does have some misters scattered about which is much appreciated on those hot days. Another benefit is you can enjoy an adult beverage as well from the 19th Hole Bar when it is open to help keep that heat at bay.


There isn’t much in the way of theming around the course in terms of obstacles but all of the holes are named, many with some local flair. Being there for a week for the U.S. Open we got to watch a lot of public groups come through and they all seemed to have fun on the course, which is probably the best indicator of how good it is.  We’d definitely recommend playing it if you are in the Charlotte area and we’ll be returning if there is another major tournament there.


Reviewed by Pat and Putt

Reviewed in 2019




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


Mr Puttys Fun Park                Mr Puttys Fun Park                Mr Puttys Fun Park   


Mr Puttys Fun Park                Mr Puttys Fun Park                Mr Puttys Fun Park


Mr Puttys Fun Park                Mr Puttys Fun Park                Mr Puttys Fun Park



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