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13 Stoney Hill Rd.

Bethel, CT 06801

(203) 744-4653


Par: N/A

Cost: $9.00 (plus tax)                                                             Other Activities: Arcade


Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 9


Note: This course moved from a previous location in Danbury to this location just over the Danbury line.  We are keeping the reviews as is because at this point it is still considered the same course.


For those not familiar with the Monster Golf franchise, they are a series of Halloween/Scary Monster themed indoor courses.  Overall, these courses are very appealing to the eye, with glow-in-the-dark attributes everywhere and a lot of fun sculptures and paintings on the walls.  These paintings are often themed to the location they are in and the music that accompanies a round is always a great mix of rock favorites and more contemporary upbeat tunes.  This course fits the mold perfectly in all of these aspects and it’s great to know that you get the same level of play and fun no matter what Monster Golf you play. 


The play at this location was not terribly difficult, though there are a couple of holes where one can easily put up a 4 or 5 without much effort. The holes themselves are similar to other Monster Golfs, though there were a couple that were unique here including one where a ramped cup was stuck in the corner of a hole and a “fence” type hole that required a perfect putt to get between the barriers sticking out to the left and the right.  These were also a few of the creative highlights of the course, otherwise it was standard fare.  One nice aspect that we noticed at this location was a “viewing” area set on a couple sides of the course where parents can watch their kids play without having to be one the course.  Seems like a great idea for birthday parties!


Overall this course is another is a great line of courses from this franchise. Similar to other courses we imagine it would be a crazy location on a rainy summer day but it’s definitely a great place to get in a round when the weather outside isn’t cooperating.


Reviewed in 2014

Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Duffer


Visitor Review #1




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf


MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf


MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf


MonsterGolf                    MonsterGolf









Visitor Review #1 (2018)


Par: 47

Price: $9 + tax                                                         


Difficulty: 6

Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 9


Fun course, not terrible difficult with the exception of the long fence hole & the anthill. Cute funny decorations - good option for rainy days or winter. Can be a bit loud at times. Great idea to give free game passes to anyone who keeps score - incentive to practice.


Reviewed by: Glenda R

Reviewed in: 2018