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Hastings St (Route 16)

Mendon, MA


Price: $3.00

Par: 44


Difficulty: 2

Creativity: 2

Atmosphere: 4


From the moment we laid eyes on this course, we knew we’d be playing a campy miniature golf that had probably been build 20-30 years earlier and wasn’t in the best upkeep.  Every now and then you have to play a course like this to keep the world in check.  As long as the course is decent enough so that you’re not miserable the whole time, then you won’t feel as if you’ve thrown away your money.  (A good thing about courses like this is that that tend to be cheap.)  This course actually ended up wowing us on a few points.


First, the balls aren’t your normal solid colors.  This course uses sports painted balls so that we ended up with a football and a soccer ball (if you’re in Europe I guess they would both be footballs) in our little twosome.  The course is also the only one we’ve played to this point (which makes about 30-40 courses) that offers putters with metal heads and with rubber heads so that you can choose your favorite.  The course also features a theme that revolves around the nearby zoo.  The carpets, however, are in terrible condition and although it seems as if some work has been done on the course (painting the sides of the holes), some of the obstacles need repair or paint jobs.


The course definitely isn’t worth going out of your way for, but if you have a few extra minutes and you’re on Route 16 you might as well stop and play.  At the price they’re charging you can’t go too wrong even if the course does have its share of bald patches and broken plaster.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2002


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Visitor Review #2 (2015)


Par: 44

Cost: $7


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 8          


This course is very nice I like the zoo animal theme obstacle course seeing that Southwick’s zoo is right down the street I thought that was creative. My only grievance is that whoever is conducting this website has their information totally and completely wrong. The prices listed on the website we're not to be found at this establishment because of the misinformation posted by the individuals who are in charge of this website. Their info dates back to 2002, in my opinion I would lay fault at the feet of those individuals who rated this mini golf course for posting such outdated information. None the less it is a great place to bring the family and play a round of mini golf.


Reviewed by Anonymous Website Visitor 

Reviewed in 2015


Putting Penguin Note 7/3/15: the above visitor is correct in that our pricing information is from 2002.  This is why at the bottom of every review we strive to put the year we reviewed the course so that our visitors of informed of how the stale the pricing information may be, as well as our comments on the condition of the course. Our visitor reviews help us to keep information updated since we can’t constantly visit all 250+ courses listed on our website.



Visitor Review #1 (2014)


Par: 44

Cost: ?


Difficulty: 1

Creativity: 1

Atmosphere: 1          


This course is not worth $5 a child and $7 for an adult.  The greens are balding and the few obstacles  they have are either rusting or the paint is chipping off.  And there is no shade regardless if what time if day it is.  The driving range looks decent but if you are going for the mini golf it is not worth the money.  There are much nicer ones for the same price.  I would not recommend this mini golf.


Reviewed by Anonymous Website Visitor 

Reviewed in 2014