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976 Salter Path Road

Salter Path, NC 28575

(252) 247-3024


Cost: ?                                               

Par: 50                                                                                               


Difficulty: 8                                                  

Creativity: 10                                   

Atmosphere: 9                                              


The course begins with a train ride around golf course to the top of the waterfall. There you have the choice between two different courses. A lot of time and money went into this mini golf course and it shows and on your way home as you pull out to the left are places to pick up fresh caught raw sea food to bring home and enjoy the rest of the evening with your family. I love this mini golf course and my kids go bonkers for it. It's an adventure and the raceway was also well thought out with and observation platform for those not racing. I hope you and your family enjoys it as much as we did.


Reviewed by Joe Vasaturo

Reviewed in 2017




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


Skyline Park at Ponce City Market