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6112 International Drive

Orlando, FL 33819

(407) 264-0560


Price: $12.00 (second round half price)                                 Other Activities: Live gators

Par:  44 (Diamond), 43 (Gold)                                             


Diamond Course

Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 3

Atmosphere: 5                      


International Drive in Orlando is filled with miniature golf courses, so with the steep competition we were disappointed with this course. The theming seemed to have started out well with a creative scorecard that included a scavenger hunt on the back but the course itself didn’t reflect any of the Indiana Jones-style theme.  Other than the few items you were supposed to find for the scavenger hunt there wasn’t anything in the way of decorations, music or course design.


The holes needed some work as there was mold evident on several of them, carpets were torn or bare and certain sections had water damage.  One could make the case that the tropical climate of Florida beat up courses but ones just down the street from Lost Caverns had much better upkeep. The holes came in two varieties – a straight putt to the hole or a multi-tiered shot.  For most of the multi-tiered ones the ball rocketed out of the tubes too fast, often not leaving you anywhere near the cup even if you got it in the “right” hole on the upper tier. One the 3-tiered 17th hole we encountered two problems.  One ball got stuck in the “right” tube, never going down to the hole and one ball, having gone through the second tier tube, didn’t have enough force to get over the bump in the carpet at the end of the tube.  It was poor design overall for these holes. Finally, while the water was running throughout the course it had a disgusting brown look to it and could have used some cleaning.


We had little time in Florida on this trip so after playing the first 18-holes we decided to skip playing the second course (Gold course) for now in order to find a better course to play.  With the cost of $12 similar to other ones less than 10 minutes away, we suggest you do the same. 


Reviewed by Pat, Liz & Duffer

Reviewed in 2015




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)



Lost Caverns Adventure Golf                Lost Caverns Adventure Golf                Lost Caverns Adventure Golf


Lost Caverns Adventure Golf                Lost Caverns Adventure Golf                Lost Caverns Adventure Golf


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