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136 New Britain Ave

Plainville, CT 06062



Cost: $8.25                                                                             Other Activities: Bowling                                                           

Par: None Listed


Difficulty: 2  

Creativity: 7             

Atmosphere: 9


This is a relatively new course that replaced several lanes in a bowling alley when it underwent new ownership.  We hope they keep the course as good as it is now in the future because it’s one of the best indoor courses we have played, even if it isn’t too difficult.  The course was very clean and made good use of the area it had fitting in both 18 holes but also giving some room between the holes to stand and putt which is sometimes an issue in indoor courses. While this meant some of the holes were quite shore very few of them were simple straight putts and they managed to put in a little twist to the short holes to make aces slightly challenging, albeit attainable.  A couple plays on this course and one could sink 4-5 aces a round, with very few holes that were challenging enough to post a 3 or better.  While it’s a very “Harris” style course they do a good job of incorporating the bowling theme both into several of the hole obstacles (pins and bowling balls) and also the hole numbering system which is done completely with bowling pins laid horizontally. This, coupled with the way they make some of the short holes more interesting, helped to bring up the creativity score.  The course also uses the “Mischief Golf” spinners on two holes to keep things interesting if you want to use them.


This indoor course also had water running through the middle of it, though it didn’t really come into play with the obstacles.  There was music playing while we were there and it was completely decorated for the holidays as well.  Our only real faults with the course is they did have metal rimmed cups and one of the holes that used a “log” obstacle really didn’t get any benefit of using the log and it seemed like it might be easy for the ball to get stuck in there.  They had generic scorecards but we appreciated that they used pencils from their Keno game as their minigolf pencils. One final note is that the course does have rubber mats that they use as starting tees off the end of the carpet.  We chose not to use these and play more traditional “tournament” style, teeing off prior to the numbering pins.  If you stuck to the mats the difficulty would be slightly higher as it does take away some of the more favorable angles.


In summary, this course was very good and a much needed addition to the indoor circuit in central Connecticut given some of the recent closures of other indoor courses.  We played it on an early evening during a holiday break and while there were a decent amount of people on the course, it wasn’t packed and it didn’t feel cramped. We’d recommend stopping by if the weather isn’t conducive to outdoor play or if you want to combine it with a few games of bowling for a great afternoon of sport.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy, Liz, Mal & Duffer

Reviewed in 2016


Visitor Review #1




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See pictures of all 18 holes at our Flickr album.


Lessard Lanes Mini Golf                Lessard Lanes Mini Golf                Lessard Lanes Mini Golf   


Lessard Lanes Mini Golf                Lessard Lanes Mini Golf                Lessard Lanes Mini Golf






Visitor Review #1 (2018)


Par: None listed

Price: Not included                                                  


Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 8


Generally well maintained course, not that difficult. Pathways can be slightly confusing the first time - I accidentally played hole 10 before completing the first 9. Quiet atmosphere for being located in a bowling alley. Creative use of bowling items & animals - only issue with condition was on my 3rd visit a large turtle had been moved creating a dangerous step on one of the greens. Overall a good solution to rainy days or New England winters.


Reviewed by: Glenda R

Reviewed in: 2018