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(at Odetah Campground)


Bozrah Street Ext
Bozrah, CT 06334-1300

(800) 448-1193


Price:  $5

Par:     Not listed…likely about a 43


2005 Ratings                           2012 Ratings

Difficulty: 3                           Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 6                          Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 9                       Atmosphere: 9


This course plays host to a couple of USPMGA tournaments throughout the year (at the time of this review) and is in a very pleasant setting.  The course is in great condition, but one of the big drawbacks to the setting is that there seems to be a constant layer of leaves or other tree parts covering the carpets throughout the year.  Other than that it is very eye pleasing and is spread over plenty of space, making good use of the river that flows through it (at least seven holes bring the water into play in some shape or form).  The course offers a good mix of challenging and more difficult holes, but more experienced players should have no problems at all getting an easy two on almost every hole.  The best time to play this course is probably early fall, before the leaves start to change, because the setting is quite nice.  Also, they have started a Halloween themed night-time golf with the lights off.  It is very cool and if they continue to do it, we highly suggest you check it out (pictures below show some of the Halloween decorations during the day).


2012 Update

A couple of years ago the owners re-carpeted this course and ended up making it a much more difficult course to play.  A lot of the previous putting lines were removed with the new carpet and rough was also added to several areas where previous shots went.  Our estimation is that it made this course 3-4 strokes more difficult than under the older carpets and aces aren’t nearly as consistent as with the older carpets.  However, the new carpets did spruce the course up a bit and it has looked in excellent condition each time we have played it since the new carpets were added.  There are still tournaments on this course and it is an excellent course to display some of the top putters.  The best time to play this course because of the setting is still early fall and with it being right off a major highway, it is easy to get to (as well as being close to the casinos in CT).  We highly recommend it if you are in the area.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2005 & 2012


Visitor Review #1

Visitor Review #2




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes


Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes


Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes


Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes


2012 Pictures


Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes


Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes                Knolls & Holes




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Visitor Review #2 (2018)


Price:  $5

Par:     Not listed…likely about a 43


Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 5                                                                      


A standard Harris course as far as difficulty & creativity. Played on a holiday weekend - staff was harried & hurried customers in order to close the course on time. Carpets could use replacing & water features were not running or cleaned out.


Reviewed by Glenda R

Reviewed in 2018



Visitor Review #1 (2005)


Price:  $5

Par:     Not listed…likely about a 43


Difficulty: 9

Creativity: 9

Atmosphere: 8                                                          


Knolls and Holes is a deceptively difficult yet rewarding putting course located off the beaten track but quite easy to get to off Route 2 in tiny Bozrah.  It is the site of the USPMGA 'Odetah Fall Classic' held every October and drawing some of the top minigolf pros from the region and further.  The course is based almost entirely on contours with some clever water hazards and rock placements added for that extra bit of challenge we all enjoy so much.  Hole #12 is especially difficult with a brook alongside a high, steep curvature just begging to swallow your ball should you mis-putt.  Yet, if played correctly, it can be holed in 2 strokes.  I've done so.  I found most of holes at this course need to be studied and to come close to the par 42 listed for it you will probably need some practice. The USPMGA pros who play the tournment game here generally post high 30's...and they are the best putters around.  That should tell you something. 


The setting for Knolls and Holes is certainly rustic and pleasant but the many trees that surround the course do shed their leaves and needles in autumn and that can be a slight annoyance when you have to clear a path to the cup every so often.  However, I find the course a real challenge and can ignore the few drawbacks that come with a putting course within a campground setting.   The parking area is ample but unpaved.  Bathroom facilities are close by and perfectly adequate and there is not only a snack bar but a 'general store' catering to the resident campers and open to all with every possible item you might want or need during

your visit.   Definitely worth a visit and once challenged by Knolls and Holes you may become addicted to beating par there. Good luck!


Reviewed by Jim Sweeters

Reviewed in 2005