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340 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

(860) 436-7470 


Par: 41

Cost: $10


Difficulty: 5                                                  

Creativity: 5                                                 

Atmosphere: 8


Located directly on the busy Parkway in Gatlinburg Tennessee, Hillbilly Golf has been pleasing mini golf fans for almost 40 years. Dubbed the "World's Most Unusual Mini Golf Course", you have to take an incline 300 feet up the mountain to get to the actual courses. The greens have been carved in plateaus spread over the side of the mountain. It is a great location as the height and tree coverage make you forget about the busy Parkway from which you escaped moments ago. Hillbilly Golf features two courses, easy and challenging. We chose the easy course as we had players from various age groups with differing skill levels. Years ago, the course would have scored higher in the creativity area, but compared to newer courses it suffers a bit. Most holes feature a "hillbilly" object such as a moonshine still or farm equipment to putt around or through. A couple were multi level type set-ups where you had the choice of two holes which would empty out into the lower level. This is a fun course has a high novelty value and would probably be a location I would visit again when vacationing in Tennessee.

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Reviewed by Ducky

Reviewed in 2010







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