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43rd Avenue South Hwy. 17
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
(843) 361-9629


Price: $7

Par: 36- Both courses


Village Course                                    Pineapple Course                   Pineapple 2019 Ratings

Difficulty: 5                                       Difficulty: 5                           Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 5                                      Creativity: 5                          Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 8                                   Atmosphere: 9                       Atmosphere: 9


This course is the home of a couple rounds of the 2004 USPMGA U.S. Open tournament.  While this venue does have two 18-hole courses, only one is used for tournament play at this time.  Both courses were solid courses, with average difficulties and creativity for the holes.  They are both championship style courses and are in good condition, although one course had better carpeting than the other at the time of play and the one that wasn’t being used for tournament play had starting areas that were very poorly marked.  There are a couple of tricky holes on each course, but there’s nothing that too challenging to the average player.  Also, as with the other Hawaiian courses mentioned above, the soundtrack is quiet good and family friendly.  The most outstanding parts of these courses are the full-size steam train engine and caboose that were airlifted onto the course.  They fit into the overall theme of a mining town/village and act as very visible landmarks.  While this course is definitely worth playing while in the area, we would recommend visiting its sister courses first as they tend to have a little more to offer in the way of overall experience.


2019 Update – Pineapple Course


In 2019 the USPMGA Master’s added the Pineapple course to its 12 round tournament, with 3 rounds being played on this challenging course. It’s the most difficult of the Master’s courses played in 2019 but the pros will still shoot under 40 on this course regularly.  There are a handful of solid ace opportunities on this course, so a clean round can net you under 36.  A more casual player may find their scores more in the upper 40s given some of the trickier holes, especially on the back 9 where speed and direction are critical on the first putt. In addition, the re-design of the course removed much of the brick edging near the holes, replacing it with grass berms that are similar to a European-style adventure golf course.  It’s quite easy to go out-of-bounds on a few holes over those berms if you aren’t careful with your speed. One or two of those mistakes through a round and you can find yourself with a much higher score than you’d like. There is a lot of variety of the course as well as very few of the holes have you putting in the same manner off the tee, so you are challenged in different ways throughout.


Overall the course was in good condition when we played and there is ample room between all of the holes if the course gets busy.  There’s a nice bit of elevation change as you head through the course, finishing up on top with hole 18 where you get a decent view of most of the course. For the best experience, we do recommend playing this together with the Aloha and Hawaiian Rumble courses to get the few tournament experience and to see the variety between the courses. As a stand-alone course it doesn’t quite hold up as nicely to the other two courses but you’ll have fun if you are looking for a bit of a challenge in your round.



Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2004 & 2019                                                       





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