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Music Pier & Boardwalk

Ocean City, NJ 08226

(609) 391-777


Price: $8 + Tax

Par: 38


Difficulty: 4                                      

Creativity: 6                                     

Atmosphere: 6


From the outside and the theme of this course we really wanted to enjoy it.  Collectively we’re big fans of haunted house type themes and this course did a good job of trying to pull off a Disney “Tower of Terror” motif. However, there were several areas it lacked on that made the whole experience not much more than an average trip on the course.  The first is the design of some of the holes and the use of the obstacles.  In many instances the obstacles weren’t worth trying to get through as they gave little to no reward versus going around them.  In some cases we even found them a bit dangerous to use the way the ball could come off them!  Second the music playing on the course was incongruent with the overall theme and the day we played it seemed like they had an issue with the speakers and the whole playback loop.  It was adding nothing to the experience. Finally there just wasn’t enough space for the crowds that were there on a hot summer day, which was amplified a bit by us playing during a Covid lull.


On the last point, we could see this course playing a bit better during the offseason or on a day when people are more likely to want to be on one of the several outside courses on the boardwalk. With people all over the place and constantly on your tail, it was hard to truly appreciate some of the flair they put into the holes from a theme perspective. However, the cost was still very reasonable, especially for a fully indoors course in a busy tourist area.  Thus, despite its flaws you still will feel pretty ok having played it for what you paid.


The holes did seem to be designed to have some lower spots for accessibility but they also didn’t seem wide enough for a wheelchair.  We also couldn’t find anything definitely on their site or other locations as to confirmed accessibility.


We’ll probably check the course out again and if you are making your way through the boardwalk courses you should definitely stop in, but we wouldn’t go out of our way to play it as a minigolf destination.


Reviewed by Mandy, Pat & Putt

Reviewed in 2021



Course Pictures (click to enlarge)

Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf                   


Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf


Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf


Haunted Golf                    Haunted Golf