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2438 Dune Drive

Avalon, NJ 08202

(609) 830-2281


Price: $10.50 before 5pm; $11.50 after 5pm

Par: 44


Original                                              Update

Difficulty: 6                                       Difficulty: 3

Creativity: 6                                      Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 8                                   Atmosphere: 8



Karin and Mandy played this course as a part of O Street Mini Golf’s 4th Annual Winter Classic.  The course was open exclusively for the tournament, and it was a fantastic experience!  Not only was it a fun day of minigolf with like-minded enthusiasts, but we also had the opportunity to meet the wonderful new course owners.  The course was in good shape, despite it being closed for the winter.


The nautical theming of the course was perfect for the Jersey Shore.  The windmill on hole 16 was a unique take on a minigolf classic.  There were a few holes that included an obstacle to putt through, including an octopus and a couple fish.  These are often the parts of the course that suffer the most damage, and the condition of these was excellent.  The carpets were also in good shape.  There are umbrellas on the course providing shade, which is important for a summer attraction.


There isn’t really anything to criticize on this course.  There is limited space for waiting between holes, so it could get crowded during the peak summer season.  There are a couple holes where it is easy to go out-of-bounds, but it did not distract from the enjoyment of playing the course.


Overall we highly recommend this course if you’re on vacation at the Jersey Shore.  The course is a fun tournament course and is surely a fun family activity if you need a break from the sand and salt.



The Putting Penguin played this course for the second time in 2020 as O Street Minigolf’s $1000 Tournament, this time in summer.  The course was in excellent condition.  The seaside theming is perfect for this Jersey Shore vacation spot.  Most holes only require two shots with the second short being relatively short.  Hole 18, a tree, is particularly unique where a well-shot putt will roll down a ramp into proximity with the cup.


We have no significant complaints about this course.  It is a little tight between holes, especially when trying to distance in the midst of a pandemic.  Sometimes successful putts through an obstacle do not necessarily result in an advantage, and the holes with boats on them can be frustrating.  Ambidextrous putters will have an advantage on this course as some shots are tight depending on if a putter is left or right-handed.  However, none of that prevented us from enjoying the course.


Overall this course is not difficult and can be easily enjoyed by the entire family.  The owners are clearly invested in this course and ensure a pleasant experience is had by all.  We highly recommend this course to anyone who vacations or lives in the Avalon area.


Reviewed by Mandy, Karin, Pat & Putt

Reviewed in 2020



Course Pictures (click to enlarge)

Go Fish                    Go Fish                    Go Fish


Go Fish                    Go Fish                    Go Fish

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