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170 Silver St
Waterville, ME 04901-5815
(207) 861-4650 / (207) 474-6238


Price: $4.50                                                                                        Other Activities: Ice Cream Parlor

Par: 44


Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 8


Ice cream and miniature golf.  They go together incredibly well as countless courses have shown us, and this is no exception.  Judging by the amount of people both playing mini-golf and eating ice cream, we’d say this course definitely knows how to create synergy between the two.  Although we didn’t have a chance to sample the ice cream here (although we would have Gifford’s ice cream at another course), we did sample the mini-golf.


This is a very good obstacle course that has a few small defects to it, which we’ll address first.  One is that in some areas the mats are a bit worn.  The second is that it’s possible (and even borders on easy) to get the ball stuck in a few of the obstacles around the course.  The third is that there were a couple of sections that could use a good coat of paint, but for the most part the obstacles were in great condition.


The obstacles themselves were a combination of standard miniature golf fare and some slightly new ones.  There was a bridge, lighthouse and windmill, as well as a figure 8, a double loop (side-by-side) and a chance to putt through a Gifford’s Ice Cream truck, complete with working lights (this is one of the obstacles we got the ball stuck in).  These somewhat out of the ordinary pieces are what brought up the creativity of the course.  The course also features a random gorilla between a couple of the holes.  (We also saw our first real good phallic symbol hole in a while on the one that had a heart at the end of a straight piece of carpet.)  On 90% of the obstacles, the course offers an alternative to the obstacle, but unlike another course we’ve played (Saybrook Point), going through the obstacle results in a better position than not playing through the obstacle.  The one exception is the side-by-side loops, which seemed designed to send your ball into a brick wall instead of towards the hole if you decided to putt through the loop.


A few final notes on the course.  Instead of having a free game hole, the lowest score in a foursome wins a free game.  This means that if you go to play in a group of four, you’re guaranteed a free game.  However, it is kind of a bummer if you play in a group of three like we do, eliminating any chance of winning a free game.  The scorecard also features a handy little measuring line so that you can move your ball six inches away from the side or an obstacle.  It’s definitely worth the trek out there if not solely for the fact that it’s supposed to have good ice cream.  Even if you’re not an ice cream fanatic, this course is worth playing, especially at the price they’re charging.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy, Kelly and Putt

Reviewed in 2002


Additional Notes from a Putting Penguin Visitor


This golf course – which I have been playing since about 1965 – does have a free game hole at the end.  It is a clown face where getting it into the nose give the “lucky” putter a free game.  In all my years I have only seen this done twice!


Visitor Review #1











Visitor Review #1 (2015)


Price: $6.00                                                                                        Other Activities: Ice Cream Parlor

Par: 44


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 10


I have played both of Gifford's Famous Ice Creams courses in the last few years and am always pleased at how nice the courses look. Obstacles were challenging but still easy enough for the children to enjoy.  Now for the best part......The ICE CREAM !!!! They have the best ice cream ever and so many flavors. Don't know where they come up with all these flavors...every year there are new one to try. I strongly recommend anyone visit them when in their area.


Reviewed by Anonymous

Reviewed in 2015