Gentiles Campground Prayer Chapel and Mini-Golf                                  MAP IT


223 Mt. Tobe Rd.

Plymouth, CT 06782

(860) 283-8437


Cost: ???

Par: ???


Difficulty: ?

Creativity: ?

Atmosphere: ?


If you’re wondering about the lack of ratings and information, it’s because we have not played this course and probably never will.  However, we do want to make this course known to everyone, just in case you want to dare to play.  Frankly, we’re too scared to step foot in this course.  This is partially due to the sign that promotes it reads “Prayer Chapel and Mini-Golf”, and partially due to the fact that the people who camp there are very strange.  Jeromy and I know because we volunteer at the camp next door.  Occasionally, people will mistake our camp for theirs and come down asking for, and doing, weird things.  Most of the time they are heavily influenced by their friends Bud, Jack and Jim.  So, someday, we may build up enough nerve, and people, to play this course and if we do, we’ll surely post a review here.  Until then, feel free to go it on your own.  Also, if anyone has ever played this course, or does so before we do, I’ll be happy to post your review.