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3700 Interchange Rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43204

(614) 351-8400


Cost: $7

Par: 43


Adventure Golf                                   North American Animal Safari

Difficulty: 6                                       Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 6                                      Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 7                                   Atmosphere: 7


There are actually two courses here. The ratings above apply to the main, 18 hole course- "Adventure Golf"- which is pleasant and well landscaped, but not terribly creative. There are few obstacles on the course, and the kitsch factor is non-existent. There is also a smaller, 9 hole course "Fun Golf"- aimed for a younger crowd, and which costs a dollar less to play. ($6/$5.) The nine hole course is actually the more interesting one, as while the holes are simpler and shorter, the theme of this course is a "North American Animal Safari." Next to the holes are large fiberglass animals, such as moose and wolves, and signs with facts about each animal. However, the holes themselves are mostly obstacle free. I would rate this course as a 5/7/7. In addition to the miniature golf courses, there is a also a small game room with Skee-Ball and other redemption games, and rentable party rooms for birthdays and such. There is also a huge "FunGym," a three story tall indoor playground, with tubes and slides and such, as one would find at a fast food restaurant, but much bigger and nicer. Note: As of August, 2020, the FunGym and 9 hole course are temporarily closed, due to COVID-19, but the game room and 18 hole course are open.


Reviewed by Delano Lopez

Reviewed in 2020