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1300 Fall River Ave
Seekonk, MA 02771-5927
(508) 336-6262



Both Courses (Pixie Green, Victorian Gold)                                      Other Activities: Soccer cages, arcade

Cost: $6 (no two course discount)

Par: 40


Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 4

Atmosphere: 7                                                                                  


If you couldn’t tell from the stats above, this mini-golf features two courses that are essentially identical.  We found this to be a bit of a bummer as most 36 hole courses feature either different themes or different difficulties between the two courses.  Both courses here use the same types of obstacles and even have some identical holes.  There’s nothing overly creative about most of the holes, although there are a couple, such as the house holes, that bring up the creativity just a bit.  The holes are middle of the road when it comes to difficulty and a hole-in-one isn’t out of the question on many of the holes.  Each course features a different free game hole (unfortunately it’s not a hole separate from the 18th hole), and after playing each of them the one on Pixie Green appeared to be slightly easier and penalize you less if you missed the hole-in-one.  (On a related note, I won a free game at this course.  Being that I probably won’t return there until we’ve played other courses in the area, I’d like to give the good readers of my review a chance to play this course for free.  The first person who e-mails me with “FantasyLand Free Game” in the subject line and provides their mailing address will receive my free game coupon.)


The course overall in is decent condition, with no glaring holes in the carpet or other signs of major wear.  Things were a little wet the day we played thanks to some rain earlier in the day, but play wasn’t effected much by it.  The theme of the course is lacking a bit however.  One would expect a “fantasyland” course to have a bit more than a castle.  Other than the generic Cinderella’s castle, there was nothing that really gave the course a “fantasy” feel.  The course did feature the three-foot high lights with the colorful shades that are a staple of many courses of this type, which we are fond of, although in one or two places they did get in the way of where you needed to stand.  The landscaping is well done making good use of the water, trees and bushes and there was pleasant music.  The staff at the course was polite, but you couldn’t choose your color ball, the scorecards had no place for the final scores, we weren’t big fans of the starting mats and there wasn’t a discount is you paid up front to play both courses.


This course is one of those courses that’s worth stopping at if you’re driving by and is probably good enough to go back a few times if you live in the area.  However I suggest that, unless you really just want to play a lot of mini-golf, you only play 18 holes because the other 18 are almost exactly the same.


Reviewed by:  Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in: 2002




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Description: Fantasy Land                Description: Fantasy Land




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