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Route 83

Ellington, CT

(860) 872-9574


Price: $6

Par: 50                                                                                                            Other Activities: Par 3 Course, Driving Range


2001 & 2005                                       2008 Update 

Difficulty: 3                                        Difficulty: 3

Creativity: 8                                       Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 9                                   Atmosphere: 8


This is one of the most solid mini-golf courses we’ve played.  When you think of mini-golf, a course like this one is what should come to mind.  Although it wasn’t the flashiest or most creative course we’ve played, all around it what most mini-golfs should aspire to be like.  However, the course does have two small downfalls.  The first is that instead of having wood or rocks, every hole on the course is lined with a metal wall.  Although it makes for a nice uniform look and is painted in vibrant colors, the metal provides very little bounce making some shots that require banking quite difficult.  The only other minor drawback is that the par for the course is set much too high for the difficulty level.  Three of our five players were well under par and the other two came very close to it.  A slightly lower overall par seems more reasonable.


Other than that, this course is well built.  All the obstacles are maintained and the holes look newly painted and re-carpeted.  The cups are a little wider than normal, making the course a bit easier to play.  They are also a bit more shallow, but since they are padded on the bottom there is no threat of the ball bouncing out.  Going back to the obstacles, this course has some different ones, such as putting through a cannon or kangaroo.  It also features a hole that has a log doing some pendulum action near the cup, which we have yet to see on any other course.  This course also has the classic windmill along with a few other moving devices that are staples of classic courses.  The final hole was also a bit interesting.  You had to putt the ball up a ramp and it went around this spiral thing and depending on where it landed in the spiral, you either won a free game or got up to 3 strokes deducted from your score.  Overall, the course was good, the grounds we’re good and the play was good, proving again that a low price course can often outshine its pricey competition.


2005 Update

A few more notes after playing this course a few years later.  Playing this course again, we noticed that, like some courses, its not also beneficial for you to try putting through the obstacles.  Getting through the obstacles is harder and should provide you with some reward.  Also, we didn’t mention that every hole is circular by the cup.  No matter what obstacle you are going through, you end up in a circular playing area.  The course has some wear and tear on it, but things still seemed to be well-painted and the softer cups are always a plus.


2008 Update

So this is the second time we’ve updated this course.  Overall, our review is consistent with the past, although we’ve dropped the creativity score a bit based on all the courses we’ve seen.  The cost has bumped up a bit, but overall it’s still a good value as they continue to make sure that the course is in pretty good shape, especially in keeping the paint jobs fresh.  It also looks like they did some repairs and maintenance on other parts of the course as well.  Again, we’d recommend playing it if you are in the area.


Reviewed by: Pat, Mandy, Will, Shawn, Katie D., and Putt

Reviewed in 2001, 2005 & 2008




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