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East Potomac Park

Ohio Drive

Washington, D.C.

(202) 488-8087


Price: $4.50 on weekends/ $4.00 during the week

Par: 53                                                                                    Other Activities: Golf Course


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 4

Atmosphere: 4


When we first stumbled across this course we were very excited to play it, but ended up being very disappointed.  Per its website, the course (and the park it’s in) is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is also a fifteen minute walk from the Jefferson Memorial.  We were expecting an Americana course at its best.  Sadly, the closest thing we got was American flags on the pins (which was different and fun, but wasn’t enough to save the course).   What we got was a challenging concrete course with a few unique holes, but also one that needed some serious landscaping and personality to it.


The course was definitely one of the longest we’ve played and with fast worn carpets, over putting was a constant.  Overall, the pars are set high to reflect the difficulty, but on many holes it seemed like the par was wrong.  It was almost as if they had changed the numbers of the holes at some point, but forgot to change the pars along with them.  The 18th hole has a ridiculous angle to it, causing you to bounce it up the slope more than putt it.  The landscaping needed the most work as the flower boxes had nothing but dead weeds and neither water areas had anything but leftover rainwater.  A simple weekend worth of repairs and maintenance would make this a much more tolerable course.  A couple final good points about it are that it is easy to get too and it is open much earlier and later in the season than many miniature golf courses.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2003


Visitor Review #1




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East Potomac Miniature Golf                East Potomac Miniature Golf




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Visitor Review #1 (2011)


Price: $7.50

Par: 53                                                                                    Other Activities: Golf Course


Difficulty: 7

Creativity: 9

Atmosphere: 5


Made the trip down to DC on August 20, 2011 and played East Potomac Park Mini golf.   The course landscaping is a tad overgrown and unkempt.   I think it was $7.50 for an adult.

The course design is honestly awesome.   Every hole is encased in a cement frame so any rollbacks off the tea won't go out of bounds.    The design of the course was awesome with several interesting hole designs (not all but most).   Several multi-tier holes, ramps, etc..    I would rank this as one of the better courses out there IF the conditions were better.   As with the other reviews I have read the course runs INSANELY fast and uneven.   I don't mind speedy courses but when there are hidden breaks under the carpet it ruins what could have been an awesome course.   This is not a course you can slow putt a short shot as the course seriously can turn a tapped putt into 8' passed the hole.    So you have to just putt hard and RIGHT at the hole or else...  

Really sad that what could have been one of the better designed courses turned out to be a frustrating experience that I would avoid in the future unless they not only replaced the greens but smooothed the cement underneath it.


Reviewed by Jim F.

Reviewed in 2011