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1716 East Slaughter Lane

Austin, TX 78747
(512) 292-1699


Cost: $8 ($4 replay) + tax

Par: 36


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 8


This is a Harris style course South of Austin that brings with it most of what you would expect from that type of course. The obstacles are all undulations, rocks and posts with most of the holes being similar to ones weve seen on other Harris courses. This includes a jump and one where you have the option to hit the ball into the water and have it come out by the hole. The holes were mostly wide open and a section of the course is handicap accessible as a result.


Given the familiarity with the design of the holes, we all hit in the low 40s right off the bat and would easily be in the 30s after knowing the course a little more. The holes all are makable in two if you know your way around a Harris course. The carpets were in good condition overall, though there were some seams showing in places. The holes did have little flags in them, which as a rule we dont generally love, but it was easy enough to remove them when we wanted.


There was some theming around the course but nothing specifically in terms of obstacles on the holes, but it did lend a bit of atmosphere to the setting. The course is beverage friendly in terms of bringing your own (they just ask for no glass). Given the reasonable cost, wed play here again even if it isnt the most unique course in the Austin area. Its not too far from the airport either so you can hit it up on your way in or out of the city fairly easily.

Reviewed by Pat & Duffer

Reviewed in 2022




Course Pictures (Click to enlarge)

Dukes Adventure Golf Dukes Adventure Golf Dukes Adventure Golf


Dukes Adventure Golf Dukes Adventure Golf Dukes Adventure Golf

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