*As of last update (July 2010) course is still closed*


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Rt. 140

Bellingham, MA

(508) 966-3200


Price: $5

Par: 41


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 4

Atmosphere: 7                                                          


This course is sort of a “sister” course to Lighthouse Point course in Northborough, MA, although it does manage to distinguish itself in different areas.  Unlike the psudeo-pirate theme of Lighthouse Point, this course focuses more on just landscaping around the water, which is the central piece to it all.  Most of the course doesn’t offer much excitement, although the back nine did come up with some hole designs that we hadn’t see before.  Unfortunately there were some design flaws in some these holes that limited the use of the creativity of the holes.  For instance the hole in the rock was interesting and difficult, but didn’t get you anything special if you putted through it.  In addition there was a nifty hole that split with one narrow piece jutting out into the water, but the design of the hole made it damn near impossible to get it on that strip and the end result wasn’t worth the effort.


The course also lacked a little in the upkeep as there was a good deal of water damage in the cave hole.  In addition on one hole there was a big, spiky plant, which looked like instant tears should a small child be careless enough to touch it.  Again, we are baffled as to why any miniature golf course would have thorn bushes right next to the holes.


In general this course is worth playing , but not worth going out of your way for.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2002




Crystal Falls                Crystal Falls                 Crystal Falls


Crystal Falls