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1402 Fredericksburg Road

San Antonio, TX 78201
(210) 732-0222


Cost: $10                                                                   

Par: 53 (both courses)


1929 Course                                        1959 Course

Difficulty: 7                                        Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 8                                      Creativity: 7

Atmosphere: 9                                   Atmosphere: 9


Cool Crest is one of the oldest miniature golf courses, with two courses – one from 1929 and another from 1959.  While the 1929 course has evolved from the original stylings, the overall feel of both the courses, and the location in general, accurately depict late 50’s/early 60’s style courses. Both courses feature poured concrete, intact historic fabric and lighting/pathways/greenery that all put you back in time. The course is a historically significant property given its uniqueness of design but that also means that accessibility is limited. However, they do mention on the website that they will try to make whatever accommodations they can.


Both courses have a lot of creative holes, many of which might have been more familiar in the time they were built but now stand out as unique versus more modern designs. The 1959 course features a lot of designs that have more “built in” aces with pipes and other pathways leading to the cup.  The 1929 has a more creative, and somewhat diabolical, designs to their holes including one that you have the option to use a pitching wedge on – feeling much like a European style hole. You can see all of the hole designs in our Flickr album. Many were designs you are likely not to see on any other course in the country.  As a result, the 1929 course ended up being more difficult for us with scores several strokes higher than the 1959 course and only one of us being under par. It likely will be a similar case for most golfers and there are some holes on both courses that could throw the average player for a little bit of a loop and be a little frustrating – so beware.


Aside from the gameplay, the course was in excellent condition for early Spring and you can tell the owners put a lot of effort into keeping it high quality. Speaking of the owners, they were great and friendly people in general and talked to use quite a bit during our time there, even opening up a little early for us to play. The course also features a great looking event space and you can take alcohol on the course.


It’s definitely one of the best historical courses we have played and you will definitely enjoy your time while there.  The cost is at a good price point for what you are getting as well, and it seems like a great place if you can make a whole night of it with both courses and the beer garden. We highly recommend checking this course out if you are in the San Antonio/Austin area and to have it on your bucket list if you are into historical places.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy & Duffer

Reviewed in 2022




Visitor Review #1


Course Pictures (Click to enlarge)

Cool Crest                      Cool Crest                      Cool Crest


Cool Crest                      Cool Crest                      Cool Crest


Cool Crest                      Cool Crest                      Cool Crest


Cool Crest                      Cool Crest                      Cool Crest


See more pictures in our Flickr album.








Visitor Review #1 (2018)


Price: $10

Par: 53


Difficulty: 10

Creativity: 10

Atmosphere: 10


Cool Crest is one of the best miniature golf courses I've played. One course was built in the 1920s; another was added in the 1950s. Most holes are long, and require precision putting and just the right speed. The courses are not novelty courses, and are probably best suited for young people and adults. There's lush greenery, with orange and banana trees. The owners do a yeoman's job keeping the courses in good shape. All are greeted with a smile. If you can, bring your own putter and ball. Standard course putting equipment.


Reviewed by: Gretchen Smith

Reviewed in 2018