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Maggie Daley Park

337 E Randolph St

Chicago, IL 60601

(773) 809-5589


Cost: $11                                           

Par: 41           


Difficulty: 5

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 9


I think we can say this is probably the best "in the middle of sidewalks in a city park" miniature golf course we have played. The construction of the holes is solid and they are elevated about four inches off of the walkway.  Normally with more "pop-up" style course we're used to seeing wood or plastic sides but these holes all had bricks and were very much in the "Harris" style of courses. With the space available to them there was plenty of room around the holes and while it wasn't that crowded the night we played, you could tell it would be decently comfortable on a busy night.  With it being in a park, the overall atmosphere was lovely and there are great views of the surrounding buildings that make up Chicago’s skyline.


The course was a good mix of difficulty.  While there were aces to be had (3 in one round for one of us) there were a couple of holes that would eat up an extra shot or two if you aren't careful.  The par is 41 and most regular players the first time through will probably be in the mid 40s.  While there isn't a plethora of unique obstacles on the course, the holes designs do make you think through varying styles of tee shots.  The few additional obstacles on the course are nice tributes to Chicago including a 7 foot tall Willis Tower that dominates the second hole.  This is also the first time we've seen a full basketball hoop used as an obstacle though it might be in your best interest to skirt the obstacle if you're looking for a safer deuce.  


The course features a “plinko-style” ball return which will give you a shot at a free game.  They also have a leaderboard to give you some motivation for great putting.  At the time we played, the low scores were all below 40 which would definitely be achievable on a first play-through and even more likely on a return round once you get to know the course.  While the cost is a little pricey it’s getting to be inline with most of the “large” courses these days and they do offer a $2.00 off your next visit if you bring back the scorecard, along with offers on their website.


Given its location in central Chicago it is definitely worth stopping by and playing, especially if work brings you to the area like it did for us (right across the street in fact). If you have some competitive friends it will be a great place to settle some scores!

Reviewed by: Pat, Kaela & Lego Penguin

Reviewed in: 2017




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


City Mini Golf                City Mini Golf                City Mini Golf


City Mini Golf                City Mini Golf                City Mini Golf


See our Flickr album for pictures of all 18 holes.