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6206 Multiplex Dr
Centreville, VA 20121-5324

(703) 502-7888


Price: $5.50

Par: 42                                                                                    Other Activities: Arcade


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 1

Atmosphere: 2


This course definitely doesn’t put its best foot forward upon first impression and when you finish with the course you understand that first impressions are indeed everything.  I will say that we might have caught this course on a bad day and maybe they were working on cleaning a lot of the water around the course as almost none of it was working.  I doubt it though, as the water that was working was dank and nasty, and was causing some funky mold to appear on the “cave” over which the waterfall ran (not to mention the little pond the waterfall drop into was overflowing onto the sidewalk, forming a two foot wide puddle).  Without working water, there was nothing but stagnant pools of old-looking toilet water.  The second turnoff to this course was the “rave” music playing over the course.  Most courses choose some good oldies to play or other light music that will please just about everyone.  Instead, at this course you get the annoying, repetitive thump of rave music that gnaws into your brain.  The final turnoff for the course is that there are a lot of sections throughout the course which are in disrepair.  The rock sides are cracked away from the end of the carpeting, causing canyons for your ball to get inadvertently stuck.  There was one hole on a two-tiered hole which was covered with duct tape.  There were a variety of supposed water hazards that were bone dry (which is probably for the best considering what the other water on the course looked like).  On top of it all, the holes were boring and showed very little creativity.  Basically, there was next to nothing on this course that the three of us playing that day liked.  There are other courses in the area that are no more than a 20 minute drive away which are much better and should be played well in advance of ever playing this course.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2003


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