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4 David Drown Blvd
Fairhaven, MA 02719-1945
(508) 996-4828


Par: 43

Price: ?


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 9


The course is general is a very fine championship style course with a couple twists thrown in.The hole where you put into the river is also somewhat unique as weíd only seen it on one or two other courses.The carpeting was all in great shape and the starting mats were the low profile rubber ones which means thereís less of lip on them.Also, the course uses large brick siding which provides for some solid bounces and less possible crack interference.Other than that thereís not much to say about the course except that itís very well maintained and the people who own it definitely show a passion for providing a quality product.Itís also not too far off of I-195, so if youíre on your way to Cape Cod one weekend, itís an easy stop.


Reviewed by Pat, Mandy and Putt

Reviewed in 2005 & 2006


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Visitor Review #3 (2010)


Par: 43

Price: $5.00 (w/ $2 replay)


Difficulty: 9

Creativity: 10

Atmosphere: 10


Ah yes, my old place of employment, former home of the Massachusetts State Open (which I plan on bringing back).This course is excellent! Flat bricks for a perfect bounce and cups I can't recall my ball ever bouncing out of which makes this a perfect state championship course.All holes can be aced except hole 13 and I can prove it to you having worked there and having played there almost every day for a whole season.

Reviewed by Andrew Pittsley

Reviewed in 2010



Visitor Review #2 (2007)


Par: 43

Price: $7.00


Difficulty: 9

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 7


I love this course, it is our home course.  The difficulty is good to keep your game in line.  Jim Sweeters is right, a lot of holes look easy but they are not.  Creativity is cool with the nautical theme fitting in with its location.  But beware, if you go after dark bring insect repellent, it gets quite gnatty.  They have a snack shack that isnít always well stocked.   The only downside that I see this year is some routine maintenance that has been let go,  cleaning the carpets good to remove a lot of the scum that builds up in the carpeting.  It is beautifully landscaped but this year they don't seem to be keeping the tree tidbits very well vacuumed off the course.  Some of the metal strips that hold the carpet down at the teeing end are missing screws (trip hazard).  Otherwise it is a beautiful championship course and deserves to be well maintained.  I did find the $7.00 fee a little pricey this year compared to other courses, the only players that get a discount are 2 or under (free) if accompanied by a paying adult.  Strange, shouldn't they be accompanied by an adult anyway.  It is definitely worth playing especially for the serious mini golfer.

P.S. Don't forget bug spray

Reviewed by Charlie Cabral

Reviewed in 2007



Visitor Review #1 (2007)


Par: 43

Price: $7.50


Difficulty: 9

Creativity: 8

Atmosphere: 7


The annual Massachusetts Open minigolf tournament is played at this course - and for good reason.  It's challenging, accessible and pleasant to play - for an amateur or a pro.  At 43, par is a bit difficult to achieve but far from impossible.  The course is mostly comprised of 'hills' and contours that can roll your ball away from the cup if you don't hit it in a way to either avoid or 'use' the contours.  Many of the holes at this well-maintained course appear to be 'easy' - but really are not.  This is the challenge of the game that dedicated minigolf fans seek in a course.  However, the diversity of each hole on this course is enough to keep even a casual putter interested.

Reviewed by Jim Sweeters

Reviewed in 2007