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2101 S Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4821

(843) 444-1098


Price: $10 for 18 holes – can add to play all 27 or get multi-location hopper pass

Par: 23 (Cancun Lagoon), 20 (Chaks Revenge), 21 (Pakals Adventure)


Cancun Lagoon                      Chaks Revenge                       Pakals Adventure

Difficulty: 5                           Difficulty: 5                           Difficulty: 5  

Creativity: 4                          Creativity: 5                          Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 6                       Atmosphere: 6                       Atmosphere: 6


This location has an interesting combination of three nine-hole courses and it easily draws your eye from the street as the centerpiece is a large Mayan pyramid which houses many of the holes.  For the base price you play the completely outdoor Cancun Lagoon course plus one of the two indoor/outdoor courses. You can then choose to upsell and play the second indoor course for a small additional price which of course we did.  The two indoor/outdoor courses are close mirror images, sharing several similar hole designs, so you won’t miss a whole lot if you decide to stick with 18 versus the 27. 


The courses did not seem to be that difficult and for the most part we were at or under par.  With a second go around (or a little more concentration) we could have knocked a few strokes off each of the courses. One thing we did notice is that the obstacles, when used on the course, didn’t really seem to help your score if you successfully shot through them and given the risk that many of the presented it wasn’t worth going for it.  There was a couple of unique holes like the 9th hole on the Cancun Lagoon course which is a long, winding, downhill shot and the “plinko” style twin holes on Chaks and Pakals that had you putt the ball of the cliff and down the plinko “machine”.


In terms of atmosphere the theming was most evident on the indoor courses as the lobby has a very Mexican pavilion from EPCOT feel do it complete with waterfall show. There is a lot of wall painting and other decorations indoors but once you get outdoors, aside from playing around the big pyramid, the attention to the theme seemed to wane.  Where the course falls down is that it needs some repair.  There were a lot of sections of carpet that were torn, there was damage to several of the items indoors and there was water damage on some of the holes from the interior water decorations. This was in turn offset somewhat by reasonable priced beers you could take with you on the course, a friendly staff and an overall decent cost for what you got, especially if you packaged it with the other locations. The free game set up here was a little machine you put the ball in and it randomly determined if you had won a free game.


This course falls a bit short of the high level we’ve come to expect from courses in Myrtle Beach and you can definitely find better ones to play, although they will be a little more expensive.  Given the location on the south end of where a majority of the courses are it does benefit from not having a ton of the other courses around it. If you are staying near the course then it’s definitely worth the play but is not likely worth the trip all the way down if you are staying somewhere around North Myrtle Beach.


Reviewed by Pat & Putt

Reviewed in 2017


Visitor Review #1

Visitor Review #2




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Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon


Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon


Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon




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Visitor Review #2 (2010)


Price: $8.00

Par: No par stated.


Difficulty: 4                                      

Creativity: 7                                     

Atmosphere: 9                                                                      


This is one of the most original that we've played. There are Three 9 hole courses, and you can choose any two for a round of 18 holes. Some holes are inside, some are out. They wind their way in and around a large pyramid shaped building. This is the first course where we encountered the game "Mischief" where a spinner at the tee gives you special instructions for that hole, such as use your club as a pool cue for your first shot. We've started to see this game at more and more courses, so the novelty of it is wearing off.  There was a special price for replays, so you get to try all 27 holes.


Reviewed by Bob and Barbara Davidson

Reviewed in 2010


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Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Lagoon


Cancun Lagoon                Cancun Laggon                Cancun Lagoon



Visitor Review #1 (2007)


Price: $8.00

Par: No par stated.


Difficulty: 6                                      

Creativity: 8                                     

Atmosphere: 9                                                                      


This is a very unusual course and definitely worth checking out if you're in the MB area. You can't miss this course from the road, it is shaped like a pyramid. The cool thing about it is that part of the course is on the inside of the pyramid. The theme is top notch, and no detail was missed. The golf is great of course, but this course is worth a visit for the atmosphere and scenery alone. And air conditioning!


Reviewed by Kevin and April Cox

Reviewed in 2007


Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


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