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Kødboderne 9

1711 København



Cost: 100 kr

Par: 32


Difficulty: 4

Creativity: 5

Atmosphere: 7


This course is part of a chain of bar minigolf and is located a short walk from the Copenhagen Central Station. It only has 16 holes, though it looks like a previous iteration (based on a map on the wall) showed it having 18 holes. All of the holes are built up elevated a couple of inches from the ground which can make for some weird putting positions. They also have wooden rails that provide very little bounce off them, so don’t expect a ton of easy rebound shots.  We also used the course putter (rubber head) and course ball (brick-like), which they only provide one per group.  You are playing out each hole, which makes sense given the overall size of some of the holes.


The course has a mix of traditional minigolf skill shots as well as some unique gameplay/luck shots.  There is a loop, a small volcano hole, even a windmill (though the blades don’t move), along with some other normal angled holes. There are also holes like the “shuffleboard” hole where you get three chances to send your ball up and down a hill to stop it in a numbered landing zone. The biggest determiner of your score though could be the plinko final hole as if you miss the ace (and still managed to get it into the plinko hole and not the automatic 7 hole) your score can range from 2 to 6.  With the other holes being a consistent play, its likely that you’ll have some close scores in your group and the luck of the bounce could determine the winner.


Otherwise the holes do play true and there’s a good amount of ace opportunities throughout the course. There seems to be a decent amount of space to keep people moving when you gets crowded and it is nice to have the bar available for the round. One of the few drawbacks is that the music was really loud when we played and it was a bit more noticeable given there weren’t a lot of other people on the course to make extra noise. There are also a couple of unique chances on the course to win things like a free game and the leaderboard at the end is a nice touch.


Reviewed by Pat & Blue Penguin

Reviewed in 2023




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