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2501 Marshall Street NE

Minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) 315-4997


Price:                                                                                                              Other Activities: The Danger, Cocktails, Food

Par: 49 (9 holes)


Creativity: 8 

Atmosphere: 8.5


The Golf at Betty Danger’s Country Club is by far one of the most unique miniature golf experiences I have ever had.  It’s not just a course, this Restaurant and Bar advertises itself as a Country Club for the 99%.  Animals are the theme throughout the course.  A giant gorilla greets you on the First Hole.  On Holes Two through Six you will see horses, dogs, a goat, and a camel.  Watch out for the wolves on the Wall Street Hole.  Hole 9 ends with a giant bear.  The course is not inherently difficult, but difficulty will vary depending on patrons sitting on the course furniture and how the furniture is (haphazardly) arranged on the course.  For instance, Hole 5 has several chairs arranged on the course, and the chairs are not decorative.  There is also seating in the apple on Hole 4.


The course overall is in good shape.  The hole designs are quite creative and unlike holes we’ve seen on other courses.  The 9th Hole has a tunnel under the hallway where a player putts the ball right into the bar area.  The course, though only 9 holes, scores high in atmosphere for its festive feel, bright lights, and relaxed setting.


While this venue caters to adults more than kids, a family day-time trip is well worth it.  If you’re visiting in the evening hours we recommend you grab cocktail and hit the links with your friends.  A combo. ticket can be purchased so ride The Danger and relax after your round of minigolf.  So don your best plaid golf attire and be sure to visit Betty Danger’s Country Club if you’re in Minneapolis!


Reviewed by Mandy and Duffer

Reviewed in 2017




Course Pictures (click to enlarge)


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”Betty                ”Betty                ”Betty


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