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Bowling du Bergeracois
Route de Bordeaux
24100 Saint Laurent Des Vignes


Cost:                 Evening        Other times
                         Adult                3.50        3.20
                         Under 15         2.80        2.50  


Par: 45


Difficulty: 8

Creativity: 6

Atmosphere: 3                                  


We stumbled across this course when we found the go karting was closed :(  Mum and elder son played bowls whilst Ace Boy and Ace Man hit the course. 

How many more French courses will disappoint me on my sojourn here?  This is a classic example, in its day I'm sure it was great.  Now it's very poorly maintained, the prices are too high and the equipment is dire.  The playing surface was shocking, the borders heavily pitted and irregular, and the teeing off points sub-standard.  Some of the obstacles had clearly been bolted on as an after thought.  Whoever, should have kept his thoughts to himself!  And who but the French would arm youngsters with metal-headed clubs.  Health & Safety is yet to catch on here.  
The giveaway was we were the only two playing.

Typically French courses are very imaginative and this is their only saving grace.  Unfortunately, this invariably means one or two of the holes are unplayable.  But, you have to admire the idea even if it was badly put into practice. Oh and one more thing, the holes are tiny.

That said, we enjoyed ourselves as we always do on a crazy golf course :) And because no one seemed to care we helped ourselves to a second round for free.  
I reckon with a bit of TLC, redesign and someone who cared this could be a good little course.  Mind you, I think that of most courses. Who doesn't like a loop the loop, a volcano, a ski jump, a labyrinthine test and beautiful trees.

A full set of pictures from the course can be found here:  


Reviewed by Tim “Ace Man” Davies

Reviewed in 2011




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